Family Self-Care: Slowing down with a Spa Day

This Taking Care of You post is brought to us by Shawn Fink, founder of The Abundant Mama Project. taking-care-you

I remember a day eight years ago when my twin daughters were about two months old and my husband bought me a day at the local spa as a gift for my birthday.

It was a lovely day of eating scones, taking hot baths and being nurtured. I felt at ease and nourished. I felt relaxed and clear.

And it’s never happened since.

Applying face cream and body lotion

It can be really hard to take time to slow down. And going to a spa is just often off limits for many busy moms who’d rather spend that extra money on their children’s clothes and activities than themselves.

And, it can be even harder to slow busy children down.

They operate in what seems a go, go, go fashion and rarely letting up on the gas and full-steam-ahead. They have plentiful ideas and visions and ways to make messes. They want to do this and that and show you this and that and make this and that.

And it can be exhausting, especially when you need downtime or what to get them to settle down after a busy day. It can be hard to inspire them to slow down and just be.

At least it is in my house.

This situation, in fact, can be a parent’s most frustrating, at times. It can feel pretty endless to have to follow a child’s lead and never take time for yourself.

But it doesn’t have to be. I’ve found a way to bring the spa time feeling into our home life and into our family traditions.

Enter the Family Self-Care Ritual at our house — Spa Day.

We’ve been hosting spa days at our house for a few years. It began with my own needs one day when I was tired and a bit under the weather.  But Spa Day — or night — has easily turned into something my twin daughters love to do just as much as I do.

The beauty of a family spa day or evening is that it requires everyone to slow down and practice a bit of self-care. The goal here is a mixture of play, relaxation and connection.

Here’s how to create your own Family Spa Day:
  • To start, gather spa tools and materials (think lotions, oils, foot spas, massagers)
  • Put on soft, soothing music.
  • Start with a foot soak. Followed by putting lotion on each other’s feet. You can even do short back massages on each other if your children want to go even deeper into relaxation.
  • Have your child return the favor on your feet as well. Keep taking turns until everyone has been the giver and the receiver.
  • For fun and to add some movement, factor in some yoga poses.
  • Finish up by drinking some hot tea or cucumber water.

You don’t have to always run to the spa alone to enjoy a little self-care. You can easily work it into your family play time as well.

And you should.

Your children deserve to know what feeling good feels like and they need to know how to incorporate that into their days as well.

And it doesn’t hurt you, either.

In Peace,

~ Shawn Fink
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