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Sight words are some of the most important parts of learning to read. Some might even say they are the building blocks to reading and writing. That’s why I’m excited to share some of our favorite ways to make learning sight words fun!

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Printable {Kid Friendly} Sight Word Lists

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Did you know that sight words make up more than 75% of written language? Pretty cool, right? It’s no wonder, then, that so much emphasis is put on teaching children sight words, starting at a young age. It’s true that learning sight words is a fundamental piece to reading, but how do you make it fun and engaging for your children, while teaching them the foundation they need down the road?


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Start Simple… Stamp Away

When we get a new set of awesome stamps, whether it’s alphabet stamps, our favorite animals, or just some fun decorative stamps, we like to explore them before we start in on our lessons. This is a great way to get the kids interested and engaged in the stamps and gives them time to try out all the things they are curious about. This way, when we do the activities to help them learn their sight words, they are much more willing and open to following the instructions.

If you want to add in some sight word fun, you can have your child go back and stamp out labels or a sentence that tells about the picture they made. Don’t be surprised if they don’t really have a sentence during this free exploration, though. Remember the goal is to give them exposure to the material and you can teach the sight words later.

Stamping Sight Words Book

Stamp a Book

Choose only a few sight words to focus on and use stamps to stamp the words of the week/ or the focus of the unit. In this sight word book, we made repetitive sentences that all started the same way and had a similar theme based on the interest of my kids. We used alphabet stamps and farm animals to make a book all about farm animals.

We used the stamps for the new and unfamiliar sight word while practicing old sight words by including them in the sentence.

Depending on the age of your child, you can make your books simple or complicated by changing the number of sight words you use and the variations of the sentences.

Sight word cloud dough

Sensory Stamping

Making sight words interesting can be simple and easy with the addition of a little sensory dough. We love to use our favorite cloud dough recipe to fill a tray and pack it it. This is a great way to practice new sight words in isolation and use repetition to aid in the memorization. Simply choose one sight word at a time to stamp into the cloud dough and then wipe it clean for the next word or to repeat the same word. This activity is great for increasing fine motor skills and letter association.

For added practice, you can have your child write the word on a dry erase board, and then turn it over to see if they can remember the word.

Sight word slime

For even more sensory fun, try making a batch of DIY Slime. Did you know if you put slime in the refrigerator, it will form into a solid. We love to try our favorite words out in the slime by pressing our stamps into it. After each word, we simply roll up the slime and try a new word. This would be great as an independent or center activity.

The possibilities are endless in ways to encourage sight word fun! What would you add to your list of ways to teach sight words and make learning fun?

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Stamping Sight Words

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