4 Important Things to Learn from Playtime!

Play, play, play . . . every day!

Running, jumping and playing games are some of the best parts of growing up! Playtime is also a terrific opportunity to introduce children to concepts that they will need to know, like how to get along with siblings, utilizing important safety skills, and even understanding how clocks and the calendar work. Some of your favorite bloggers are here to share tips for helping kids grasp these principles!


Sibling rivalry can start early, as a family grows. In her post “Improving Sibling Behaviors with Creative Play!” guest blogger Julie Kieras from HappyStrongHome.com digs into this challenge and explores how creative play can help kids learn to resolve issues with one another! 



Safety is important, both indoors and out! Guest blogger and homeschool expert Genny Upton from InLieuofPreschool.com and ParentTeachPlay.com brings us her creative tips for teaching safety at home and playing outside in “Play it Safe! Teaching Kids about Safety through Play.″



“What’s a Tuesday?” – 5 Easy Ways to Practice Days of the Week
Understanding the concept of days, weeks and months can be very confusing to a child. These 5 simple tips can help kids make sense of the calendar and start seeing how it relates to their own life – each and every day!



Reading the numbers and unraveling the mystery of a clock’s spinning hands can be difficult for a child. Have no fear! Our Blog Ambassador Amy Mascott from TeachMama.com helps her kids figure out what the face of a clock communicates and how it impacts their schedule, in “Spring Forward . . . Fall Back: Learn about Daylight Savings!” 

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