Give the gift of Classic Toys this Back to School Season!

Melissa & Doug classic toys are carefully crafted with children in mind – each toy has an innovative design, classic and dynamic colors, and cheerful graphics. Created to stimulate creative play every day, these classic toys are beloved by children and caretakers alike.

Bus Set with Award 

Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks are a tremendous value. Made of premium, extra-thick cardboard for strength, this forty-piece set has limitless play opportunities! Three sizes of “bricks” allow children’s imagination to soar with the possibilities.


Melissa & Doug’s Lacing Beads in a Box set is perfect for children three years old and up. As they learn to count, stack, and sort, this toy will grow with them. Part arts and crafts, part counting toy, this wooden bead set makes a bold statement! For added fun and continued play, practice identifying the beads’ colors and numbers, or stacking the beads until they fall over!


Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up sets allow boys and girls to use their imagination to create new characters and adventures! Our variety of characters and themes provides children with many opportunities for creative play! Extend the fun and promote auditory, speech and imaginative skills by encouraging children to consider related questions: Where does Jack live? Who will Julia play with today? What does a person wearing an outfit like this do every day? Where is My Horse Clover going tomorrow? An added bonus: this toy is great in the after-school pickup line!

Jack & Julia

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  1. My husband and I purchased these kind of pots and pans
    to our Two year old for Valentines Day to be along with the Melissa and Doug
    Kitchen space he been given for Christmas.I had been won more than a lot
    more when I noticed how much and exactly how rapidly our kid took a choice
    to them.