Play with your Food – and Learn!

Looking for a little mealtime fun, without the mess?


Melissa & Doug Food Play sets are the perfect way to introduce new foods to your little one – and even practice preparing and serving food!


Cutting Food – Wooden Play Food is an award-winning toy, complete with “crunching” cutting sounds! Use the small cutting board to practice hand/eye coordination, or work on fraction skills with “whole”, “half” and individual pieces of the food.


Food Groups – Wooden Play Food is a terrific way to teach kids about nutrition! Each of the four baskets includes food from each food group; practice talking about each ingredient and all of the ways you can use them to create your child’s favorite foods.

Fridge Food
Extension Activities:

  • Using Melissa & Doug’s Fridge Food Set and Dry Goods Pantry Set, ask your child to count each item.
  • Ask your child to identify each of the food groups.
  • Ask your child: which items belong in the freezer? The refrigerator? The pantry?
  • Identify colors together! Which food item is red? Green? Yellow?

Counting, shape and color play all come together with Melissa & Doug Food Play Sets! Shop Food Play here.