Summer Birthday Parties

Check out these awesome activities for summer birthday parties, from guest blogger Kim Vij at The Educators’ Spin On It  

Does your child have a summer birthday? Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate without having to host a swim birthday party? Here’s a Birthday Party idea for kids that will keep them moving all year long. Create an Outdoor Birthday Party with fun challenge stations!

Summer Birthday Party Ideas from Melissa and Doug

Melissa & Doug have an adorable line of kids’ outdoor toys and games that make the perfect entertainment for a Birthday Party. With fun images of ladybugs, frogs, butterflies, turtles and more, there are so much fun ways to play along with this theme for boys and girls! The best part is that you get to play with all the party’s entertainment for years to come.

What to select 

To create stations for the party you need to consider a few things:

  • Choose activities that will work as a challenge during the party
  • Select items that are age appropriate for the birthday child and their guests
  • Consider purchasing multiples of an item, for siblings or for party fun

Birthday Party Activities for Kids

Set up

  • Create stations all around your yard or outdoor space using the items you’ve selected
  • Consider adding balloons as markers for each station, to add to the party atmosphere
  • Create a cozy stop for kids to rest and hydrate and have a snack, as they play and have fun

Birthday Party Games Ideas with Balls

Birthday Party Games to Include

Here are the party activities we included in our Outdoor Fun Birthday Party! Take a peek around your house; you may have quite a few activities that would be perfect for this set up.  The key is to find challenges for each activity.  You could post the challenge on a sign or create a sheet they check off at each station. Here’s the challenge we featured…

Mollie Ladybug Bat and Ball
Challenge: See who can hit the ball! For bigger kids, who can hit the farthest?

Mollie & Bollie Ladybugs Jump Rope
Challenge: How many times can you jump?

Bella Butterfly Hopscotch
Challenge: Hop to the ladybug and back!

Bella Butterfly Tunnel
Challenge: See how fast you can move through the tunnel?

Birthday Party Games Ideas with Melissa and Doug Toys

Bollie Ladybug Bubble Bucket
Challenge: Make a bubble land on a balloon.

Bollie Ladybug Flying Disk
Challenge: Make the ladybug land in the ring.

Challenge: How many times can you bounce the ball? Or throw the ball in the basket?

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Happy Birthday

To end the party, gather up the kids and celebrate your child’s special day. Grab a few outdoor blankets or sheets to set up on the grass area or bring tables for the kids to sit at for food and cake. This party is super quick to setup and clean up and the fun will last for years to come.

What do you find the most challenging about planning a birthday party for your summer child?

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