Summer Travel: 3 Quick Tips for Making Summer Trips Full of Fun & Learning!

Is your family ready for summer fun on the go? Let’s go!

For your next family vacation, beat boredom and hit the road! Melissa & Doug’s travel toys, travel activities, sticker scenes, and portable games will keep kids entertained for the entire trip, without any loose pieces dropping between the seats. Road-trip games, travel activity books and magic-reveal coloring kits keep kids delighted, and the trip a breeze!

Summer Travel Quick Tip #1 –

No Mess, No Fuss!


Melissa & Doug’s Water WOW line is perfect for summer travel because it has zero mess, but infinite play possibilities. The pages are reusable, and the refillable water pen is easy for little hands to grasp. Water WOW self-storing sets are perfectly portable and designed for countless hours of creative entertainment – ideal for the backseat on the way to Grandma’s!

Summer Travel Quick Tip #2 –

Put Them In Charge!


Let your child have a say in what they pack! With Melissa & Doug’s Trunki, kids can fit all of their toys in an easy to carry, airline approved carry-on suitcase. They can also ride along, making a trip through the airport much more fun!

Summer Travel Tip #3 –

Make It a Game!


Learning doesn’t stop over the summer! Games like Smarty Pants card sets help kids load up on tons of new facts – and fun! Each card set is thoughtfully developed to suit the learning style and curriculum standards of its age range. Smarty Pants card games are perfect for little ones entering pre-school and kindergarten, and for each grade up to 5th grade!

Bonus tip: Stock up on Summer Travel Toys Under $10, and pack a few new activities before you hit the road – your kids will love the surprise of a new toy for their new adventure!