Forbidden Fruit: Is the “Healthy Food” in Your Home Just for the Kids?

Forbidden Fruit: Making sure mom has enough healthy produce in her diet

Taking Care of YOU--Tips and Tricks for Everyday ParentsSummer is the perfect time of year to be gathering fresh fruit. Eating healthfully is never easier than during this peak time for produce. Farmer’s markets and road side stands are overflowing with ripe and juicy fruits and fresh and crispy veggies.

But for however much of that produce you’re buying, how much of it are you actually eating?

I mean YOU. Not your kids.

Several years ago I realized something. . . I was finding room in our budget to afford the expensive organic and clean produce for feeding my then toddler. I wanted her first foods to be healthy as could be and stocked up on a variety of offerings to expand her palate. Somewhere I developed the habit of considering it “her food.”

Forbidden Fruit: Making sure mom has enough healthy produce in her diet

As my husband looked in the refrigerator there was:

No, honey! Don’t eat those raspberries, they’re for the baby!

As I got hungry for a snack, I’d reach right past “her strawberries” and grab a cookie.

What?! Somehow that made sense to me. Maybe it was the time spent cleaning and cutting all that finger food and always putting the kids first. Somewhere along the line my own nutrition began to suffer.

Even though I’m aware of it, I still find myself falling into this habit. It has been a hard one to overcome, but my health and nutrition is just as important as my kids’. Here are my three favorite tricks for making sure that I’m grabbing that forbidden fruit:

Forbidden Fruit: Making sure mom has enough healthy produce in her diet1. There’s no bad time to eat fruit: As we wash up the fresh pickings together, my daughters and I will eat berries right from the colander. It’s right there, it’s clean, it’s as fresh as it will ever be. Who cares if the colander is empty before any of it reaches the fridge.

2. Add fruit to everybody’s plate: A serving of fruit doesn’t have to be an entire apple or banana. I will cut and share a large fruit with my two daughters a couple times a day. A few bites here and there add up over the course of a day, you don’t need to eat a serving of produce all at once.

3. Make fruit an indulgence and keep it just for you!: Make room in the grocery budget for something that is really a treat like a pricey batch of fresh cherries. Once in a rare while it is ok for a fruit to be special just for mom. Hearing that they can’t have it makes kids only that much more excited to have some next time you offer!

P.S. Here are some of our favorite fruity inspired toys:

Fruity fun from Melissa & Doug



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Taking Care of You

Taking Care of YOU--Tips and Tricks for Everyday ParentsWe know your days are busy working, kissing boo-boos, juggling laundry, making dentist appointments, and reading good-night stories. As parents, we instinctively put our children’s needs first. We prioritize their health and their happiness above our own.

It’s time to step back and look at the whole picture. You need to take care of you FOR THEM. You are the only one who can give your child a happy parent who enjoys life. What a wonderful gift!

We know that Taking Care of You is easier said than done. So, throughout the summer, we’ll continue to share weekly posts with simple, easy, unique ideas to keep you inspired. In this special series, our Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassadors will share their practical, real-life advice on how to:

  • Focus on your own well-being
  • Make healthy eating simple + enjoyable
  • Build exercise into your family routine
  • …and more!


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Forbidden Fruits *Ha. I so do this!


  1. Guilty. This is how I ended up with gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy.
    Toddler: eats her whole plate of food and is ‘done’.
    Mommy: ahh, yes I can eat.
    Toddler: mommy can I have all your healthy food?
    Mommy: okay I guess.
    Mommy: raids cookie jar.. *sigh*
    If there is a next time, the kids won’t get to touch my plate, and I’ll be sure to fill it up with the right things!


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