FREE PRINTABLE: Healthy-Eating Shopping List for Kids

Taking Care of YOU--Tips and Tricks for Everyday ParentsThis shopping list for kids is brought to you by Melissa & Doug, written by our Blog Ambassador Zina Harrington.

Has your little one been living on a diet of 95% Goldfish crackers? Getting kids, especially toddlers, to eat healthy can be challenging.

One of the best ways to get kids to try new things is to get them involved. For example, earlier this month we talked about starting a garden with your picky eater. Check out the top five kid-friendly things to grow along with easy recipes you can make with your child from a container garden.

Not everyone has time to start and maintain a garden. Taking your child to the farmer’s market is another great alternative.

Click here for 5 Tips on Fostering Independence while at the farmer’s market.

Your little one will be surrounded by a rainbow of freshly picked fruits and vegetables! Ask your child to be your shopping buddy. Below is a FREE PRINTABLE from Melissa & Doug. Have your child color and then paste items onto their own personalized shopping list.

My Shopping List Free Printables

Print a copy for your little one now:
Download PDF

Now that they’ve got their list, make sure you give them a shopping bag! When we head to the farmer’s market, my daughter actually brings her Octopus Kids’ Beach Tote Bag. It is perfect because the bottom portion of the bag has mesh walls. This constant flow of air keeps our fresh items from overheating. Also, the floor of the bag is supported so fresh items that are a bit more delicate don’t get squished as your child walks around and shops.

FREE PRINTABLE: Farmer’s Market Shopping List for Kids

What does your family usually buy at the farmer’s market?
Let’s chat in the comments.

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Zina from Let's Lasso the MoonThese creative spring cleaning tips are brought to you by Melissa & Doug, written by our Blog Ambassador
Zina Harrington.

Zina is the author of Let’s Lasso the Moon, where she inspires parents and children to interact creatively and enjoy the beauty of everyday moments.

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Taking Care of You

Taking Care of YOU--Tips and Tricks for Everyday ParentsWe know your days are busy working, kissing boo-boos, juggling laundry, making dentist appointments, and reading good-night stories. As parents, we instinctively put our children’s needs first. We prioritize their health and their happiness above our own.

It’s time to step back and look at the whole picture. You need to take care of you FOR THEM. You are the only one who can give your child a happy parent who enjoys life. What a wonderful gift!

We know that Taking Care of You is easier said than done. So, throughout the summer, we’ll continue to share weekly posts with simple, easy, unique ideas to keep you inspired. In this special series, our Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassadors will share their practical, real-life advice on how to:

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