Camping for non-campers



I am not a camper. There, I said it.

My husband and I have an agreement that it is his responsibility to expose our daughters to all things camping. He recently took our 7 year old out on her first daddy-daughter camping trip and I was left to entertain our 4 year old at home.

Just because real-deal camping isn’t my thing doesn’t mean I can’t encourage and support the love of the activity in my family. This summer I’ve taken the chance to extend the adventure with simple home & backyard play.

Get in the mood with some treats:

Campfire cones: Have you heard of these? They are easy hand-held s’mores made out of ice cream cones. I loved the idea of all the different flavor mix-ins and they are super easy to do right on the grill!

Try these versions:

Rainy Day? No problem! Try an indoor camping reading session! My girls loved these great camping books:


The key to these simple activities is making sure to enthusiastically participate with the kids. I may not relish sleeping on the ground outside but I loved snuggling up with my daughter to read with her and imagining star gazing. There may not have been a real roaring fire, but our grilled up cones were extra sweet when shared.

Looking for more great camping advice? Check out these fantastic ideas gathered for you: “Top Tips for Camping with Kids.”

So tell me, do you enjoy real camping or is the pretend variety more your speed?

P.S. The awesome camping toys featured in this post are:




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