Taking Care of You: Create an Energy List for Self-Care Ease

taking-care-youThis Taking Care of You post is brought to us by Shawn Fink founder of The Abundant Mama Project.

If you are like me, you’re lucky if you get 20 minutes of quiet time in your day.

If you are really lucky, you might get an hour.

If you are like most moms, you probably get to the end of the day and realize you never even managed to do one thing for yourself.

Moms are so worried about everything — and everyone — else they often forget about time and how their needs are just as important.

In fact, we know that when we feel better, the family operates better and children will be more likely to have a great day.

And yet we continually put our own desires and needs last.

And, that is usually when we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, burned out and depleted of all energy.

But here’s the reason why: Self-care takes time.
And we don’t have time, or so we think.

In those early days of being a mom, I did like many, I rushed out of the house seeking any kind of quiet space I could find.  With zero family members to take our girls, I found solace in just being alone, anywhere.

But, I would still feel zapped instantly the next day or the next hour.

What I’ve learned over the years, though, is that by waiting for that nice long block of time to care for myself often means I’m never going to make time for my own self-care.

Woman Relaxing

For many of us, we have to start questioning what self-care really means.

  • Is it going to the grocery store alone with your iPod in your ears?
  • Is it waiting to take that whole day away that you deserve?
  • Or does it mean feeding your mind, body and spirit as much as possible all day, every day?

For me, it means taking five minute breaks for small things I love. Applying lotion in the middle of a child’s meltdown or fixing a cup of tea and lighting a candle during the afternoon lull.

Once I began working self-care into my day — all day long — and all year long, I started to crave that feeling of happiness and joy that I found by nurturing myself more. If I didn’t get creative like this for taking care of myself, I would likely still be wishing for that week long vacation to spend alone.

Oh, who’s kidding? I still long for that vacation, too.

I just don’t need it quite like I used to.

To really make self-care a priority for yourself, create your own energy list. Simply jot down a half dozen of your favorite things to do to give yourself a quick boost of energy. Make sure to add only ideas that take five or 10 minutes of time. Keep the list visible and easy-to-access for when you do, finally, get a free block of peace and quiet.

In Peace,

~ Shawn Fink

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Taking Care of You

Taking Care of YOU--Tips and Tricks for Everyday ParentsWe know your days are busy working, kissing boo-boos, juggling laundry, making dentist appointments, and reading good-night stories. As parents, we instinctively put our children’s needs first. We prioritize their health and their happiness above our own.

It’s time to step back and look at the whole picture. You need to take care of you FOR THEM. You are the only one who can give your child a happy parent who enjoys life. What a wonderful gift!

We know that Taking Care of You is easier said than done. So, throughout the summer, we’ll continue to share weekly posts with simple, easy, unique ideas to keep you inspired. In this special series, our Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassadors will share their practical, real-life advice on how to:

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