5 Ways To Make the Most Out of Summer

With summer officially starting, it is time for our Top 5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Summer!

Whether you are by the beach, the pool, the mountains or the local park, there are so many ways to enjoy family time and celebrate longer days of being together. Here are a few of our favorites!

Get Outside!


Make a family plan to spend at least thirty minutes every day outside. Maybe you can head to your local park in the afternoon, or take a stroll around your neighborhood before dinner. Getting to know the landscape of where you live is important for kids – and fun for parents to see the world through their eyes! Check out all of the spots that you may have missed during the winter.

Take Care of the Earth


Summer is the perfect time to teach your kids how to appreciate and take care of the Earth! Plant a vegetable garden, water the plants, admire the flowers! Kids will love to take care of their very own garden. Melissa & Doug’s Tootle Turtle Lawn Mower Toy will even help your child “mow” the grass!

Water, Water, Everywhere!

On hot summer days, throw on your bathing suits and the sprinkler for hours of fun! Water toys are a great way to keep your kids cool and entertained. Melissa & Doug’s Grub Scouts Sprinkler attaches right on to your gardening hose, and promises watery fun all summer long.

Dine Al Fresco


Have a picnic! Ask your child what you should pack for lunch in the great outdoors. Sit right outside your front doorstep, or even by the beach, for a summer picnic you won’t forget. Pack a sturdy picnic set that will last you and your favorite picnic-er all through Labor Day – and beyond!

Sleep Under the Stars

There is no need to go on a vacation when you can go on a grand sleepover adventure in your own backyard! Pack your child’s favorite sleeping bag, supplies for (adult-supervised!)  s’mores, and a handy flashlight. Don’t forget to tell ghost stories!

Bibi Bee Flashlight

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