Running with A Stroller – Tips and Tricks!

stroller runs tricks and tips for moms

Finding time to workout can be tough. Add in kids and it gets tougher. Add in, a baby that only naps on you, a budget that doesn’t allow for babysitters, family far away, and baby weight that is turning into toddler weight and you are where I was a few years ago.

I wasn’t happy about this at all. I cried a lot.

Not just because I wanted my jiggly bits to stop being so jiggly… but because working out has always been a huge source of stress relief for me. I needed to sweat it out and it felt like there was no way to do it.

Then a friend gave me her jogging stroller.

Running while pushing a stroller takes some time getting used to but the tips below can help a lot!

1. When it’s cool outside fleece PJ’s are great. Layer multiple pairs under a jacket for really chilly runs, or pop one over some clothes as a top layer in more moderate weather. Either way it keeps things from getting taken off, lost, straps from rubbing… trust me they rock.

2. Toys that attach to the stroller. When my daughter was really little she loved having little toys that attached to the stroller. They gave her a lovey and activity all in one, and it wasn’t lost two miles in.

3. Board books that make a big noise when you drop them. The goal is for your child not to drop ( read throw) things out of the stroller but I have been around enough toddlers to know better. Large board books are a great option. Normally when they fell it also let me know she’d fallen asleep or was getting antsy for me to finish.

4. A circular route allows you to pick up things that have gone overboard even if you didn’t notice right away. We have one book that was notoriously thrown from the stroller on one run but somehow (umm sleep deprivation is my guess) I never noticed when she tossed it. Even though she did it 3 times in 6 miles. The same older man walking the loop would pick it up and pass it back to her as we passed. I think they were in cahoots. It’s easier to enjoy the run when you aren’t worried about the little things like this.

5. One ear bud in one ear bud out.  If you have to run with music this lets you run with a beat but keep tabs on your passenger.

6. A playground at the end of the run. Even before you can explain “After I run we can play on the swings!”  to your child by adding a fun activity all for them after your run will help minimize protests later on.

7. Smoothies in sippy cups are my favorite on the go snack for kids in strollers. You can mix in almost anything but it’s mess free (sippy cup) and unlike chunkier foods the risk of choking is way lower.

8. Go at nap time… or a few minutes before. Run your baby to sleep!

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Allie of No Time for FlashcardsAllison McDonald is founder and editor of No Time For Flash Cards. She has been teaching children in various capacities since 1993, so she has done her share of crafts, songs and circle times! Her son’s birth brought her home, and her love of teaching and helping other parents sparked the idea for No Time for Flash Cards. Early childhood education is her passion . . . her heart belongs to the little guys! Get to know Allie and see her creative kids’ crafts and educational activities on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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  1. We’ve run with nature scavenger hunt cards, so they’re enjoying looking around. We also have played letter games while I run (what things do we see that start with L?). Also, don’t forget to have the kids go potty before hand. We’ve been known to make an emergency stop along the route. Also BOB strollers make it a million times easier, even a double.


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