Hosting an Ice Cream Themed Play Date!

This play date idea is brought to you by Kim Vij from The Educators’ Spin On It

Summer time can be an opportunity to get together with friends. Finding a theme for the play date can be one of the best parts! Ice cream is a big hit anytime, especially with the hot weather. Here are a few fun ideas to host your own ice cream play date with friends.

Ice Cream Activities for Summer with Friends

Before your friends arrive, set up a few stations for them to choose from. We set them up outdoors, to allow for a little bit of mess. Here are a few suggestions for Ice Cream Stations at your play date.

Make your Own Ice Cream

At the beginning of your play date you can use an ice cream machine to create your own ice cream OR you can make ice cream in a bag. With a few simple ingredients such as sugar, half and half, vanilla, ice, Ziploc bags and rock salt you are on your way to a fun science moment with your child and their friends. Starting off with this fun activity allows it time to set & freeze. Do you remember making ice cream as a kid?

Ice Cream Fun with Cloud Dough

Let’s Make an Ice Cream Cone

Set up an Ice Cream station with Cloud Dough. Melissa & Doug have a Speck Seahorse Sand Ice Cream Set, which can be such fun to use with friends; it even comes with two scoopers and two cones!

Ice cream Activity with Cloud Doug

Using flour and oil you can create a cloud dough substance with a 4:1 ratio. You can even make it scented, or color it to make the perfect ice cream blend.  Take a peek at how Valerie created cloud dough with her family on The Playtime Press, Melissa & Doug’s blog. Consider a variety of ideas for dough with your Ice Cream Cones. Playdough & Best of Sensory Dough are a few Pinterest Boards with ideas.  With friends over for a play date, make sure you plan for spills by playing outdoors or by using a drop cloth – plus have a few bags on hand, so friends can bring some cloud dough home!

Creating an Ice Cream Parlor

Ice Cream Parlor

Create a stand to sell “ice cream” from for make believe fun. Consider using bright and colorful scrapbook paper to decorate a box for the stand.  Make a sign with prices for your Ice Cream Parlor.

Creating Ice Cream Parlor with Signs

Don’t forget to your ice cream products to sell. We used the Melissa & Doug Scoop & Stack Ice Cream Cone Playset. We loved that it’s magnetic and has a variety of flavors. The kids can take turns being the store owner and buyer.

Ice Cream Parlor Fun with Kids

Ice Cream Crafts and Learning

Sneaking in a little learning can be fun when it’s Ice Cream Themed! Consider activities such as

ice cream Sundae fun with Kids

Ice Cream Sundae Fun

At the end of your special play date it’s time for Ice Cream!  Grab your freshly made ice cream and a cone or bowl and enjoy!  Add a few toppings to make it even more memorable!

Ice Cream Activities for a Summer Playdate

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?  Leave a comment below!

Kim Vij Head Shot 150 by 150Kim Vij is an early childhood educator and mom of three. She shares her “Educator’s Spin” on parenting issues and how to make everyday moments into learning opportunities at The Educators’ Spin On It and award winning Pinterest Boards. You can find Kim on PinterestFacebookTwitterInstagram & Google +.


  1. Kim, this is my *favorite* post from you over here at the Playtime Press. Love it. Such sweet images of your girls, too.

  2. Such a great ice cream making activity for kids, its also helpful for kids to how to make different flavored ice cream. And i like to eat all flavored ice cream 😉
    And would you like to try this Eatery Shop Game for kids its free i have tried it..


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