10+ Parent-to-Parent Travel Tips

BlogAmbassador-IconTraveling with kids is … an adventure. Every time we take a vacation, I learn a valuable lesson for our next trip. I’ve got a little parent-to-parent secret to share with you. Below you’ll find the ULTIMATE toy for a beach vacation … and it is not what you’d expect. In honor of summer break, I’ve also asked ten of my fellow moms (and bloggers) to share tips they’ve learned over the years.

Here’s what your fellow parents had to say…

10 Parent-to-Parent Travel Tricks (+ Bonus Beach Tip)

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10 Tips for Traveling with Kids

  1. On the day we leave for a trip, each person has a specific job to get the house ready & closed up. Read more ways to foster independence: 12 Ways Kids can help with Travel Planning & Prep. – KC Edventures
  2. Put together a bag of basic medical supplies. There is nothing worse than being in a strange city (with a sick child) searching for an all night pharmacy. Check out these 7 great packing tips for families. – East Coast Mommy
  3. Everything is so much easier when you get advice from a local mom who knows your destination like the back of her hand! It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling across the country or just having a spontaneous day trip with your family, hyper-local blogs are a great resource for parents. Here’s a great curated list to check out. – Local Fun for Kids
  4. I travel on my own with 3 young kids quite often. We have 3 drawstring backpacks that they fill with age appropriate toys, their blankets and books. I then put these smaller bags into a big cloth bag with snacks so there are less bags to keep track of. Each kid knows his color bag and then when we are buckled in, I pass the bags out. – The Educators Spin on It
  5. Check out these 10 essentials for a kid-friendly beach trip! For example, snap a full length photo of each child every morning. That way, if you end up getting separated you can show people exactly what the child looks like and what he’s wearing to help you hunt him down. Read the whole list here. – Beauty Through Imperfection
  6. When traveling with a baby, having some kind of baby carrier (like a moby wrap) is essential. Whether you are in the airport, walking around town, or even going to the beach, these can make your trips so much easier. Here are some more tips for vacationing with a baby. Read 10 more tips for traveling with a baby.- Clarks Condensed
  7. Do your Research – I always know the local library, swimming pool, kid friendly food spots, etc at our destination. Read five additional family travel tips here. – Carrots are Orange
  8. You simply must pack a beach blanket for a road trip. Read 7 reasons why it is imperative. – KC Edventures
  9. Pack plenty of things to keep them entertained, both while travelling and while on holiday. My kid wake up very early as they are excited so something quiet to keep them amused in the early mornings is a real necessity! – In the Playroom
  10. Look for ways to get more from your next family vacation, whether it’s by seeking out ways to give back, traveling during the off-season or scheduling downtime so you can best enjoy the vacation time you have together as a family. Get more out of your vacation. – Kidventurous


Each summer as we pack, pack, PACK our car full of gear for our beach vacation, I am amazed at how much is required for a week of vacation.

The first few years we camped we packed tons of buckets, shovels, and sand toys for the trip. I literally brought an entire Tupperware container of items to keep the kids entertained at the water. I slowly realized the only toy we need to pack was… a set of Melissa & Doug Activity Cones.

Yes, yes, I realize they have an entire Sunny Patch Collection of AWESOME sand toys, but when packing in TIGHT activity cones should be your go-to fall back.

Below are 7 Reasons Activity Cones are the ULTIMATE Beach Toy!

7 Reasons Activity Cones are the Ultimate Beach Toy

1. They are perfect for creating sand castles.
2. Plastic cones will work as shovels in a pinch.
3. They are great gathering water to fill the castle moat, as well as simple water sensory play.

7 Reasons Activity Cones are the Ultimate Beach Toy

4. A package comes with eight cones, so there are plenty to go around!
5. They are colorful so they don’t get easily lost.


Playing with Activity Cones at Red Sands Beach


6. Kids will love creating beach obstacles courses with them.
7. AND of course… You can stack them, so they don’t take up a lot of valuable storage space.

The only two toys we take camping with us are: the activity cones and a ball.

Travel Advice: The only two toys you need when camping.

Honestly, that’s all you need. Let your little one use his imagination on your camping adventure!

Do you have a favorite TRAVELING TIP to share with parents? Let’s chat in the comments!


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