Celebrate Learning All Summer Long!

Now that Memorial Day has passed and summer is on the way, those long school days will soon seem like a distant memory. But don’t let everything your child learned and accomplished this year be forgotten!

Melissa & Doug have hundreds of toys, games and learning activities that allow you and your child to celebrate what they learned this year all summer long. By the time September rolls around, they will be ready to tackle the year with excitement!5000-LearningMat-SetTheTable+Crayons-withKid

Handwriting, Phonics and Telling Time


Turn summer practice, practice, practice into fun, fun, fun! Melissa & Doug Learning Mats are the perfect way to introduce learning into sunny summer days. These mats help children master phonics, handwriting skills and telling time. With brightly colored crayons and three different mats, there are endless possibilities for practice and fun!

Math Skills


Continue to build the foundation for strong math skills over the summer! Melissa & Doug Math Skills  wipeable learning mats help your child practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Bring these along on a long car trip, or make it a nightly routine: while you are preparing dinner, have your child sit at the table and practice those important math skills before the meal!

Play Money

t300_dfe52efeeb6c0567f2555b37bfb12163Melissa & Doug’s Play Money set looks and feels like real money, so it is the ultimate tool to teach value! With fifty of each denomination, you can ask your child to identify each coin and bill, discussing what makes each one unique. This summer, take turns running an in-house lemonade stand and practice giving change!

1273-PlayMoneySet-withKid cropped

Melissa & Doug toys are designed to fuel imagination and inspire creativity – all year long! This summer, we will be sharing our favorite ways to encourage learning and play at home. Join us as we celebrate creative play, every day!


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