Boost Your Day with a Morning Ritual

Taking Care of YOU--Tips and Tricks for Everyday ParentsThis Taking Care of You post is brought to us by guest writer Shawn Fink from The Abundant Mama Project.


When it comes to mornings with kids, there are often two things that come to mind.

We either wish for more sleep.

Or we wish for more time.

The morning rush — whether it be to get out the door for work or school or to hurry and feed a hungry child — is often anything but peaceful.

beautiful woman reading in bedAnd that is exactly why we must learn to take care of ourselves with a morning ritual that inspires a happy, healthy start to our day.

Taking care of you involves creating a small burst of time just for you at the start of your day — the kind of time that will set the tone for what is yet to come in your busy morning.

A morning ritual, no matter how short, is something to look forward to so you can feel rested, grounded and balanced before the busyness of life takes over.

For me, my morning ritual is so joyful and grounding that I even get up early to fit it in on the weekends, too.

Morning rituals can vary from being long and involved to short and sweet.

But, with time, energy and resources being limited for mothers, planning a morning ritual can be tricky.

Here are a few themes to inspire your own morning ritual:

Boost Your Hobby Ritual — This is the ritual where you get up and give yourself a few minutes to do that one thing you never have time for any other moment of the day. This could include any knitting project or reading.

Boost Your Health Ritual — Being healthy is hard work when there is little time to make it happen. This morning ritual puts your daily exercise first and foremost — even if it’s just 10 minutes of walking around the block.

Boost Your Creativity Ritual — Get your inspiration flowing first thing in the morning and you are bound to smile all day long. Bring out your doodle pads, your paint brushes or your sewing machine for this morning ritual.

Boost Your Nature Connection Ritual — Being one with your natural surroundings is almost always an instant mood-booster. Stepping outside to garden or watch for birds is a fast and effective way to bring a great start to your day.

The point is not the length. The point is the quality of how you spend that time. In fact, a short, 10-minute ritual is easier to make happen almost every single day!


pinterest-profileShawn Fink is the founder of
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Boost Your Day with a Morning Ritual *4 tips for creating your own personal version

Taking Care of You

Taking Care of YOU--Tips and Tricks for Everyday ParentsWe know your days are busy working, kissing boo-boos, juggling laundry, making dentist appointments, and reading good-night stories. As parents, we instinctively put our children’s needs first. We prioritize their health and their happiness above our own.

It’s time to step back and look at the whole picture. You need to take care of you FOR THEM. You are the only one who can give your child a happy parent who enjoys life. What a wonderful gift!

We know that Taking Care of You is easier said than done. So, throughout the summer, we’ll continue to share weekly posts with simple, easy, unique ideas to keep you inspired. In this special series, our Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassadors will share their practical, real-life advice on how to:

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