Painted rainbow lunches

Eat a rainbow! Tempting kids with colorful foods for balanced nutrition.
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Getting kids to try new foods and have a well balanced diet is one of the biggest struggles for moms of picky eaters. I’ve had my own trials with this recently and have discovered that the rainbow is definitely an amazing tool for teaching well balanced eating.

Today I’m sharing an awesome salad recipe for mom that will hopefully be too tempting for your little one to resist. Get the full recipe here (the dressing is so good you might want to drink it with a straw!) But if you really want to entice your kids, try this fantastic presentation:

When you first prep the salad be sure to store all the ingredients in separate containers. The food will stay fresh longer and you won’t have any “EW, it’s TOUCHING!” frustrations. For serving to your kids, simply pile a small sampling of each of the ingredients on a pretty plate. Serve with a small cup of the dressing for dipping.

And if you want to be that super cool mom? Place a food-safe paint brush (or basting brush) on the plate instead of a fork. Tell your little ones to paint their lunch with the “fruit paint” and watch as the giggles commence! My 4 year old had more fun with her lunch than ever!



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Eat a rainbow! Tempting kids with colorful foods for balanced nutrition.




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