Mother’s Day Date Ideas

This Mother’s Day Date post is written by Katie Bugbee, the senior managing editor and resident parenting expert of

We are all familiar with the typical Mother’s Day treats: The fancy brunch buffet, personalized gifts, breakfast in bed, etc. We also know that Mother’s Day can get so overwhelming with all the family fuss. Breakfast in bed ends with syrup on the sheets, and homemade gifts become unused tchotchkes. This Mother’s Day, along with the classic gifts, consider some of the following date ideas, giving you a nice time to connect with loved ones and spend quality time, with (much) less chaos.


    1. Go out with your partner. It’s the classic date you might not have had for a while. So use this Mother’s Day weekend to get back to basics with the person with whom you started this family. Carve out a brunch or a dinner time for just the two of you, asking a parent, sibling or sitter to play with the kids while you spend QT together – no coloring books required!
    2. Girl friends brunch. Yes, mornings are perfect to spend snuggling with kids. But when it comes to meals out, there’s no one better to indulge, splurge and giggle with than your girl friends. Book a brunch on Saturday or Sunday to catch up with your best girls.
    3. Solo dates with each child. Your kids see their parents heading out on “date nights” every once in a while – but what if you asked them on a date? Plan one-on-one time with each child, having a sit-down breakfast with one or an early dinner with another. They pick the place. You pay the bill. And while this might not be the wining and dining you’re used to, your child will feel like the luckiest person on the planet.


  • Date with yourself. Who doesn’t need some “me”time? Skip the to-do list (in-fact, outsource those house projects to someone else this weekend!), put your feet up and find a quiet place to read, sleep, get pampered, or do some frivolous shopping.
  • Time with your mom. You might find that your own mom doesn’t get celebrated as much, now that you’re a mom. Book some time to catch up, just the two of you, like old times.
  • Sisters gathering. The girlfriends who know you best of all? Your sisters. Take this weekend to have a night out with the girls you grew up with. Make it a kids-free sleep-over, if you can swing the time away!
  • Family date. If you can go out with the kids – and not lift a finger – then this might be the best way to spend Mom’s Day. Book a place you want to go, and leave someone else in charge of packing the snacks, sippy cups and workbooks.

What was your most memorable Mother’s Day date? Join the conversation in the comments below!

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