Kid-Made Mother’s Day Gifts

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Hey, DADs (and MOMs who need a gift idea for Grandma):

A Handmade Card , Jewelry, AND a Keepsake Box – It’s everything you need to create a child-made gift package that comes from the heart. Perfect for Mothers, Grandmas, Aunts, or that “You’re Like a Mother to Us” special person in your life.

“My love for you is SKY HIGH” Paper Air-Plane Card

Paper Air-Plane Card for Mother's Day

Card-making involves paper, folding, and words of love. This card is no different… except that this one also comes with its own delivery system. Let your children send their Mother’s Day cards via AIR MAIL with a PAPER AIR-PLANE CARD.

Your child may already know how to make a paper air plane. In case you need a quick refresher, here’s a basic model:

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half the long way to make a crease, and open it back up.
  2. Fold the top corners in and down until the tips touch the center crease.
  3. Fold the paper in half along the center crease so the “wings” are now on top of each other.
  4. Fold down one wing on each side until it is even with the bottom of the plane.

That’s it… Time to decorate your Air Mail card.

Run with the plane theme by having (or helping) your child use crayons to write a message on each wing like: “You make my heart SOAR” or “My love for you is SKY HIGH.”

Then have your child use crayons or alphabet stamps to write or stamp “MOM” (or “NANA” or a special someone’s name) all over the body of the plane. You could also decorate the rest of the Air-Plane Card with our Deluxe Happy-Handle Stamp set (which includes lovely Mother’s Day card embellishments like flowers, stars, sunshine faces, and balloons).

Have children secretly hide their name somewhere on the plane to be “discovered.” Add the date or their age, too, if you wish.

Your Paper Air-Plane Card is ready to
ZOOM into the ROOM on Mother’s Day!

(Make sure to give everyone a quick heads-up before throwing your Air-Plane Card. You know what Mom always said: “It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye.” Mind your mother… especially on Mother’s Day!

Kid-made Wooden Keepsake Box (…& JEWELRY to go inside!)

Kid-made Wooden Keepsake-Box (& JEWELRY to go inside!)

Our Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Heart Box kit comes with everything you need for your child to paint, glitter, and stunningly BEJEWEL a heart-shaped wooden keepsake box for Mom. Children can use the glitter pen to write “MOM” on the outside of the lid and to write a message of love or their name and the date on the inside of the lid. Tuck chocolates (or maybe even some earrings from Dad!) inside the box for a special Mother’s Day surprise.

If you’re really on a “make-it-yourself” kick, take it to the next level and make handmade jewelry to go inside the keepsake box. One to try: Our Craft & Create Bracelet kit. This set includes over a dozen styles of bracelets (or rings) with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions for kids.

Melissa & Doug Craft & Create Bracelet Kit to make kid-made jewelry gifts for Mother's Day

Or try our Bead Bouquet Deluxe Wooden Bead set, which includes 8 multicolored cords that can be cut to size (to make necklaces, bracelets, or anklets) and 220 handcrafted heart, flower, and butterfly beads so kids can design a unique piece of homemade jewelry for Mom.

4169 Bead Bouquet Small

Everyone loves getting hand-made cards and presents. The time, creativity, and effort that go into making them are loving GIFTS in themselves.

We hope these ideas inspire you to thank someone special in your life on Mother’s Day for all the thoughtful things she does for you year-round!

And if you receive a hand-made gift on Mother’s Day, be sure to snap a picture and share it with us on our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter.

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Keep on crafting with your kids! It’s a great way to hone important skills like sorting, counting, and fine-motor coordination.

Thanks for making time in your busy schedule for Creative Play, Every Day.


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"My Love for you is SKY HIGH" Paper Air-Plane Card for Mother's Day