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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and chances are if I asked you what you really wanted …. besides the quiet time to yourself to do simple things like go to the bathroom, take a shower or say, sleep past 7 am …. you would probably say a nice photo of you and your children together. You might not think of it right away, but when I asked several friends to pull up their favorite photos of them with their children we were all shocked by how few photos we had with us actually in them!

Besides holidays and vacation photos it seems moms usually find themselves behind the camera. Designated family photographer is an important position, but when you look back on your life through photos don’t you want to see some with you in them? Better yet, don’t you want your children to see photos with you in them?

Here are 5 simple ways to get Mom in photos and maybe even up on the wall!

Swap pics at a play date

Want a great photo of you with your kids? Swap photos with a friend so you both get some great shots

Photo Credit: Jessica of One Willow Studios

Being a mom isn’t always pretty, and most of your days you might be in yoga pants up to your ears in dirty laundry, piles of dishes and mounds of teeny, tiny toys but every so often you put on actual clothes, comb your hair and step out for a day of play with other moms. Seize this opportunity to capture a few photos of you and your little ones. Swap cameras with a friend and shoot while you’re together. If you see a particularly sweet moment between mother and child, get close and fill the frame with them. You’ll both be thankful you did.

BONUS: If you are interested at all in photography, this is an excellent low-pressure time to practice your technique.

Invest in a remote

Invest in a remote for your camera so you can capture special moments with YOU in them!

Photo Credit: Rebecca / Simple As That

You can purchase a handheld shutter remote for you camera or even your smart phone for less than $20. Keep it in your bag and get comfortable using it for quiet moments with you and your child. Rebecca took this photo using her camera remote by placing it on the bench next to her. Visit her blog for more details and plenty more tips for helping you embrace the camera.

Get your kids behind the camera

Want great photos of you and your kids? Teach your children how to shoot with your camera so they can capture moments like this

Photo Credit: Rebecca / Simple As That

Believe it or not some of my favorite photographs with me in them were taken by my middle child. Don’t be afraid to hand off your camera for a while. Your child will enjoy the task at hand and just might catch some heartwarming moments like these taken by Rebecca’s then nine year old daughter.

Have Dad snap a few pics of you in action

Rope Dad in to help you catch a few photos of motherhood in action

Photo Credit: Deborah / My Life at Playtime

The memories you’ll want to remember don’t happen in staged family photographs. They’re hidden in the details of your everyday life. Tell your husband or another family member about your wish to be in more photos and ask them to snap a few pictures during story time or any activity you enjoy doing together.

Get Mom in the photo!

Pictured here: Zina / Helen / Tiffany

Master the art of the Selfie

Sometimes there just isn’t anyone else around to snap a photo or who would understand the true meaning in the moment. In times like those, it’s up to you get yourself in the photo. Thanks to smart phones it really isn’t all that hard to do. Simply turn that camera towards you, fill the frame and shoot. Take as many shots as you like and get the kids involved in the process.
Wish you had more photos of you with your kids? Learn to embrace the selfie and get Mom IN the photos!

Pictured here: Lacy / Joya /Jenny / Jane / Kim

We love seeing photos like these pop up on Instagram. Join in and share your own shots like this by using the #capturingchildhood hashtag.

Invest in real family photos

Having real family photos taken is a gift you'll treasure for a lifetime

Photo: Deborah / My Life at Playtime

Any photo with Mom in it counts, but if memories are really important to you nothing is more special than having a professional capture your family. A good photographer can capture the essence of your family in a way you just can’t do on your own. If you’ve never had real photos taken I highly recommend saving up for this unique experience. We often think our wedding photos will be the most important pictures we’ll take, but ask me today 10 years later and I want to see us as we are right now in this very moment.

What Mom wants for Mother's Day - a great photo of her with her child

Photo Credit: Scott DeDoes

Special thanks to all these moms for sharing their photos and Happy Mother’s Day to you all!


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