Capturing Special Relationships

{Capturing Childhood} Tips & tricks for everyday parents *Great collection of ideasDo you have professional portraits of your family? When I was a kid, annual portraits were a way to document your family. My father also took occasional photos throughout the year with his point-and-shoot camera, but only on special occasions.

The cost of film and developing photos once limited family photography. Digital cameras opened the door for parents to start experimenting. Today smart phones and social networks allow parents to truly Capture Childhood.

There is an old photography saying:

The best camera is the one that’s with you.

The iPhone revolutionized everyday photography. Upon release, it quickly dominated the social network Flickr; it is still the number one source for photos in the social community. Today smart phones are THE go-to solution for quick photos.

Sometimes as parents we get caught up in only taking photos OF our children. Let your photography have two purposes: (1) saving memories for you and (2) saving memories for your kids. They will want to see the people who loved them in the pictures, rather than just photos of themselves.

Capturing Precious Moments & Relationships

Tell their story. Take photos of your children interacting with the special people in their lives. Including YOU. Be sure to get YOURSELF into the frame on occasion, too.  If you’re not a fan of taking selfies, ask a spouse, friend, or family member to grab shots.

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Are you accomplishing this goal?

Capturing Precious Moments & Relationships

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