Melissa & Doug’s 5 Tips for Selecting Baby Toys

As a new parent, selecting the best toys for your infant can seem like a challenge! We have compiled five tips for selecting baby toys that are sure to enrich learning and encourage creativity. They are all available at

1. Choose quality

For baby’s first year (and every year after!) give the gift of classic toys. Melissa & Doug toys are known for quality and safety, which means your gift can last a lifetime.  We stand by each and every one of our toys – you can read all about our Safety Program here.


2. Work on skill building

Melissa & Doug’s K’s Kids toys nurture early childhood development in three skill areas: physical, cognitive and social. Each toy is designed to have interactive elements and multisensory features.  Children love Melissa & Doug’s Hungry Pelican Learning Toy, where they can drop four mini plush animals into the Pelican’s big bill! This repetitive activity is GREAT for babies working on motor and other early developmental skills.


3. One toy with endless possibilities

Melissa & Doug toys come with extension activities, which are more ways to play and learn! If you have a Melissa & Doug toy that your little one loves (like the Fish & Count Learning Game, pictured above), extension activities are printed on the box and available online to further your child’s playtime joy. The Fish & Count Learning game is great for hand-eye coordination, finger strength and cognitive skills; the extension activities have additional play ideas by age group, so your child can continue to learn and grow with their toy.


4. Encourage Creativity

Toys like Melissa & Doug’s Match & Build Soft Blocks have unlimited open-ended possibilities, so kids can create their own creative combinations. The Match & Build Soft Blocks help develop motor skills and logical connections (skill builder alert!) but they also encourage children to build – they make terrific towers, boats, rocket ships, or whatever their little heart desires!


5. Get Puzzling!

It’s never too early for baby’s first puzzle! Children as young as twelve months love to fit a piece into the “right” spot, which make oversize Knob Puzzles the perfect introductory puzzle for your little one.  Puzzles are terrific activities to encourage hand-eye coordination, visual perception skills, and when they are older, story building!

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