4 Tips to Declutter Your Toy Box {Infographic}

Ready to de-clutter your children’s toy shelf or toy box? Not sure where to begin? Use our handy-dandy infographic (see below) to make the process a SNAP!

  • Step #1: Pick out a toy.
  • Step #2: Ask yourself: Did anyone play with it this week?
  • Step #3: Find your corresponding answer — YES or NO — on our infographic.
  • Step #4: Follow the arrows on the infographic to determine the toy’s fate — KEEP / DONATE / RE-PURPOSE / DISCARD. Which will it be? Grab a toy and FIND OUT!

Handy-Dandy How to Declutter Your Toybox" Infographic by Melissa & Doug

KEEP — If you decide to keep a toy, be sure you follow the suggestions offered on the infographic to CURATE/ROTATE, LABEL, MAINTAIN, and TUNE UP your toys.

DONATE If your children are wanting to donate their gently used toys so that others may enjoy them, determine if they can be used by local CHARITIES, CHILDCARE CENTERS, WAITING ROOMS, or FAMILY & FRIENDS.

RE-PURPOSE If the item still has use as a craft supply, consider using it to MAKE A COLLAGE, INVENT A NEW TOY, or SERVE AS THE INSPIRATION FOR AN ART PROJECT!

DISCARD Before you say “Good-bye” to a favorite toy, TAKE A QUICK PICTURE so you can hold onto the happy memories, while making room for a new-found favorite!

Repeat Steps #1–4 with each toy till the shelf or box is EMPTY.

While it may be tempting to get rid of toys “on the sly” for efficiency’s sake, we recommend that you keep your kiddos involved in the decision-making to avoid hurt feelings or misunderstandings about what they’re ready to part with — or NOT. Also, be prepared for the fact that they may suggest to get rid of a favorite (or expensive) toy you or a loved one bought them that YOU’RE not ready to part with yet…

What a great time to talk about important concepts like honesty, manners, charity, compromising, and being considerate of others’ feelings!

* * *

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Handy-Dandy How to Declutter Your Toybox" Infographic by Melissa & Doug