Zoo Train Party Ideas

This Planning a Zoo Train Birthday Party post is provided by special Guest Blogger Julie Kieras from HappyStrongHome.com .Party Food Zoo Train Cake HorizontalPinCreating custom parties for my kids has become a slight (and surprising!) hobby of mine over the years. We’ve celebrated birthdays with a car themed party, a train themed party, a farm / tractor themed party, and a Peter Rabbit themed party… when my son wanted another train party, I had to have a twist on it, and he suggested Zoo Train!

I love animals, so this was perfect. An animal themed party is probably one of the easiest to throw as many children’s toys, games, and décor can be found in animal motif. Here’s a few of the ways we custom-built this year’s Zoo Train birthday party!

Zoo Train Party Food

Party Food Ideas:

Make your own animal pizza – This worked well for the 4+ crowd. You could make your own dough or for faster service, get pre-baked crusts.

  • Lion Veggie Tray – It was simple to arrange these vegetables into a lion’s head for pre-dinner snacking!
  • 3892306c1e43470eced4501567e2cd32Zoo Train Cake – With green frosting and green-tinted coconut “grasslands,” our Zoo Train cake was populated by a host of animal figures, paper flag bunting, and circled by a real Zoo Animal Train Set! The animals and train set cake décor did double duty as a birthday present!
  • Zebra brownies – Simply zig-zag white frosting onto brownie bites.
  • Monkey Tails – chocolate dipped frozen bananas!
  • Kangaroo kebobs (fruit) – Fruit is a deliciously healthful treat option at the dessert table, especially for children with wheat or nut sensitivities who can’t have cake.
  • Feeding Station Trail Mix Goodie Bags – Kids create custom blends of their favorite snacks to take home!

Zoo Train Party Activities

Party Activity Ideas:


Zoo Train Party DecorParty Décor Ideas:

  • x2_1ed53a2991f6ce261eed2222293fd3f8Create a birthday t-shirt (or bib for babies) with stencils and fabric markers. It’s easy to match any theme this way!
  • Stenciled burlap table runner – stencils can be used to decorate paper or fabric to match your theme.
  • DIY Paper Banner – use stamps or stencils to decorate flag-shaped cardstock with the birthday child’s name and age.
  • Animal print balloons on balloon sticks are a unique twist on party balloons!
  • Zoo animal plates for dessert added to the theme.
  • Stamped invitations, cupcake picks, straw tags, and food signage tied our zoo elements together.

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  1. The kids would really love your Zoo Train Cake, Zebra brownies and Kangaroo kebobs. Really creative children’s party efforts.