Planning a DIY Birthday Party

Make planning a DIY Birthday Party simple and fun, with these great tips from special Guest Blogger Julie Kieras of Happy Strong Home.

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Throwing any birthday party, whether a simple special dinner and cake or renting a couple hours at a play spot, involves some thoughtful planning and preparation.

If you’re looking to reduce costs or showcase your crafty side, a DIY Birthday Party means a little extra time mapping out the possibilities!

What I love about throwing themed birthday parties for my kids is how I can customize each detail, riff off ideas I find around the web, and take into account my children’s developing interests!

Here are some areas you can customize a DIY party of your own!

Party Décor:

  • Use stamp sets to create custom invitations – we used this baby farm animal stamp set for our farm tractor party invites last year.
  • Reuse your stamps to coordinate other party items like DIY gift wrap, party banners, cupcake picks, straw tags, or thank you cards.
  • Party banners can be elaborate from hand sewn bunting to simple (but looks like it took you forever!) fabric tie swags, or create a banner with cardstock and stencils!

Party Activities

  • Pick up those stamp sets again for the kids to play with! Roll out a length of art paper across a table and let the kids stamp away!
  • Let birthday gifts double as party games: A floor puzzle for cooperative play is a perfect activity in-between meal and cake or cake and presents. Having a sorting toy like the animal rescue play set truck can set the theme and break the ice for those first children that arrive.
  • Sticker sets like Make-a-Face Crazy Animals can fit your theme and have kids giggling endlessly as they show off their silly creations!
  • Let kids create their own goodie bags by decorating with stamps and stickers – the Scratch Art birthday stickers yield surprising results for any skill level.

Party Food:

Here’s the secret – as long as you give it a cute name, anything ordinary becomes extraordinary party food! Rename all your foods to go along with the theme!

  • Carrot sticks can be tiger tales (zoo), swashbuckler swords (pirate) or bunny snacks (garden/animal).
  • Tie in colors of your party – for our zoo themed party we had a lot of yellow and orange foods and for our tractor party we used yellow and green (peppers are awesome for color coordination!).
  • Shape your food to match the theme. Use cookie cutters to create shaped sandwiches, arrange veggies to look like an animal, or cupcakes to form a tractor, car, flower or any other shape!
  • And remember, you don’t have to DIY every single part of the party. Order pizzas delivered, so you can spend time hanging up your homemade bunting. Buy balloons so you have time to bake a cake.

Here’s an easy check-list to get you started! You can print it by clicking {here}!

Party Planning Checklist

Over the course of throwing five DIY birthday parties in three years, I have learned not to take on more than is reasonable when you’re also hosting a couple dozen guests! At the same time, the more I create these parties, the easier they get and I add a few more details each time!

Do you DIY parties in your house? What ideas or suggestions do you have for parents?

Check back tomorrow to see how Julie put her ideas into action with a Zoo Train Birthday Party for her son!


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