Psst! Did You Hear the One about… Melissa & Doug?

See who is recommending Melissa & Doug toys all across the Web

You know the old expression, If your ears are burning, someone must be talking about you?  Well, our ears were positively “ON FIRE” in February!

We’re so proud to spot our learning materials featured on various social media all over the web. Here are some of the ways people were “chatting us up” with helpful ideas for gifts, activities, teachable moments, proactive parenting, and more last month.


Best Melissa & Doug Baby Gift

Joanna Goddard from A Cup of Jo presented her “must-have baby registry items” and lo and behold… this Melissa & Doug favorite came up as a recommended gift — not for her new baby, but for her son, the OLDER SIBLING! Find out what their MUST-HAVE mom-recommended sibling gift is by clicking here.


POPSUGAR recommends Melissa & Doug role-playing toy

PopSugar gave us a shout-out in “The 20 New Toys You’ll Want to Add to Your Kids’ Wish Lists.” Find out which of our role-playing children’s toys they recommend that “can easily be used as a real-life entrepreneurship project.” Get the full scoop right here.


Teach Your Child About Money

And when your little ones start making all that moolah over the summer using the entrepreneurial toy recommended above, Katie Heap over at Live Craft Eat has a post to help you teach your child three important money concepts: (1) How to identify coins, (2) Why we work in exchange for money, and (3) How to budget your money for needs and wants. Read Katie’s full post (and see which Melissa & Doug products she used in her activities) here.


Amy's Top 5 Picks from Toy Fair 2014

Go right inside the Melissa & Doug booth at Toy Fair 2014 with Blog Ambassador Amy Mascott of Teach Mama. Check out Amy’s photos and view her video of her Top 5 Toy Picks to get a SNEAK PEEK at some of our new and expanded product lines to be released later this year. Read Amy’s full post on her site here.


5 Ideas for playing with SNOW

Blog Ambassador Valerie Deneen over at Inner Child Fun shared 5 ideas why SNOW Time is GO Time… and BIG FUN. See how kids can create an outdoor Snow Bakery by making snow cupcakes with birdseed sprinkles, or play Ice-Cream Shop with snow brought indoors. Get the details on these and 3 more snow-riffic ideas… It’s all waiting for you in her full post “Fun Ideas for Playing in the Snow.”


3 1/2 ways to take ROCKIN' spring break pics

Blog Ambassador Zina Harrington of Lasso the Moon offers 3 ½ ways to ROCK your family vacation photos this spring break. Worried about forced smiles? Blurry or busy shots? Sit back and learn Zina’s quick tips to help you become a Family Photo Pro — just in time for spring break! See Zina’s full post — and lovely photography — here.

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