Capturing kids in the kitchen

Capturing kids in the kitchen: photo tips for moms
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Do you have special family recipes that have been handed down by grandmothers? Does your family have special traditions that happen in the kitchen? Have you ever considered creating a family recipe cookbook? I just love this concept and think documenting those unique family treasures is one of the more awesome memory keeping ideas out there.

Today I’m sharing my favorite kitchen photography tips as part of the Capturing Childhood series. For many, the easiest recalled childhood memories  happen at the kitchen counter, let’s make the most of them!

Great memories are all in the details:

A great family cookbook starts with colorful shots of the recipes themselves. You can find my favorite simple food photography tips for this project over on Peanut Blossom today. I promise anyone with any kind of camera will learn something!

But just page after page of pretty food does not make a memorable album. The soul of a project like this is all in the details.

Capturing kids in the kitchen: photo tips for moms

The best details? Your family themselves!

My favorite tricks for capturing kitchen memories are so simple:

1. Clear the clutter!: If you know you’re going to do a photo session, take a quick swipe through your kitchen and remove everything from the counters that isn’t necessary. Just toss it into a box and put it in the closet, you can bring it all right back out when you’re done. This helps keep your backgrounds nice and clean no matter where you’re standing.

BUT. . .

2. Don’t let the clutter stop you!: Sometimes the sessions are impromptu and not planned. Don’t miss a special moment as it is happening. Get creative with where you stand and zoom in close. See my favorite example here.

3. Capture the action: Give your little helpers specific tasks with very simple instructions. “Please decorate the tops of these cookies with these sprinkles!” and then grab a shot at the beginning, one in the middle, and the finished product. The stages of progress will make an adorable element on a page spread.

 Capturing kids in the kitchen: photo tips for moms

Capturing kids in the kitchen: photo tips for moms

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to capture a few shots of the ingredients! It’s a great way to include a little color into the final set.

Original packaging of your favorite products will make for fun nostalgia in the years to come. But for standard ingredients they look much nicer set out in your own pretty prep bowls or on colorful plates.

Once you’ve got your images, what will you do with them? I absolutely adore this photo book template from Shutterfly. It was so easy to use and the colors and embellishments are just perfect for food!

Capturing kids in the kitchen: photo tips for moms

Looking to keep the kids busy while they wait not so patiently for the oven to work it’s magic?

We love these adorable baking themed goodies:Valentine treats | Melissa & Doug's Playtime Press


Want even more photo tips? Check out my post over on Peanut Blossom today!


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Capturing kids in the kitchen: great photo tips for moms


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