Melissa & Doug’s Parents’ Corner: 10 Tips for Handling a Temper Tantrum

Can you avoid a temper tantrum - tips and tricks

We asked our Facebook friends if they thought it was possible to avoid a temper tantrum, and if so, how?!

Ideas poured in! If you would like to add in your thoughts, just send us a note in the comment section.

**From our fan Linda R.:

Try not to take kids into a store when it’s their naptime or lunchtime. It’s a recipe for disaster. If it’s lunchtime you can probably appease them with a snack, but missing naptime or encroaching on it leads to unreasonable and fussy kids. Avoid at all costs!

**From our blog ambassador Zina:

Most of the temper tantrums that have occurred at our house involve SHARING. These phrases come to mind: That’s MINE! He took my toy! She won’t give me back my car!  Teach your kids these toddler-approved statements and watch the “Mine! Mine! Mine!” tantrums slowly disappear. Take a moment to read The Missing Part of the Sharing Equation or pin it for later.

**From our blog ambassador Amy:

I bring snacks everywhere I go–a few granola bars, maybe a pack of smartees, or some fruit snacks. Often I found that when my kids were hungry, they were more likely to have a fit. I also always, always have small things to keep kids busy–I love small sticker sets, tiny books, a pen and tablet, or an On-the-Go set. A few little ‘treasures’ from Mom’s bag usually keeps my kids happy.  We also have used Gem Jars and assigned days to our kids, so rewarding positive behavior and avoiding simple conflicts with My Day, Your Day has helped tremendously.

Fits and tantrums are a part of life–an ugly part–but a part nonetheless. But being proactive and planning even just a tiny bit before going anywhere has helped keep tantrums to a minimum.

**From our blog ambassador Allison:

Not sure a temper tantrum can be avoided, but you can dial down their intensity by not reacting with your own strong reaction.

**From our fan Joy G.:

We use a lot of essential oils in our home to help keep things calm on a daily basis.

**From our fan Rebekah G.:

Intentionally develop routines and stick with them.  They will notice what is usual and expect it.  If you have to change something, prepare your kids.

**From our fan Amanda K.:

Making sure my kiddo has had a snack before we go out anywhere or take one with us.  Trying to think ahead of them.  We also use 2 parents when shopping but shop together.  If the little one is not handling it, he goes out to the car.  He hasn’t done it since.  I also make sure my kiddos have a consistent nap and bedtime.

**From our fan Jill S.:

For shopping trips with 2 parent households (or parent and friend) you can divide and conquer – kids go in one cart in the store and browse toys (anything they ask for, tell them ‘put it on your birthday list’) while the person with the list does the shopping! Alternatively, the shopper gets up at the crack of dawn on the weekend (or when help is available and kids are still sleeping) and does the shopping then! I’ve done lots of 6 am Saturday morning shopping runs. Bonus: The stores are empty! The kids get Daddy time and Mom gets peace and quiet… or adjust to suit your household!

**From our fan Jen M.:

Sleep! My son is very easy going as long as he gets sleep.

**From our fan Scott T.:

Always have snacks on hand, and be sure to keep them informed of what you are doing and where you are going.


Thank you so much to our fans and blog ambassadors for sharing your tips! If you have an idea you would like to share, or if you have a suggestion for a future Parents’ Corner prompt, let us know in the comment section below!