Play Prompts: Play Dough Creation Station!

BoredomBustingPromptsPostThis Playtime Prompts series is provided by guest blogger Joyce of Childhood Beckons.

This play dough creation station is super easy to set up and provides so many different play possibilities!


The Setup:

I wanted a truly open-ended playful invitation that could inspire my son in a multitude of ways. To create this play prompt, I presented him with the Shape, Model & Mold Play Clay set, as well as two balls of play dough and various craft supplies. I wanted items with color and texture and endless possibilities.

I included:

  • scissors
  • pipe cleaners
  • buttons
  • googly eyes
  • beads
  • toothpicks
  • craft sticks
  • cut up pieces of drinking straws

For an added bit of winter fun, I also created a snowman play dough mat. You can get that free printable here. Just save, print, and laminate!

The Play:

My son was excited when he discovered this playful invitation and his first question was, “What activity are we doing today?” His face just lit up when I replied, “Whatever you want!”

He quickly set out to play and discover. He used the materials in creative ways. The beads made fantastic imprints in the dough. The straws, toothpicks and craft sticks were great for decorations and building. He made faces, animals, monsters, play food, and more!


This activity was a fantastic way to encourage his creativity. He used his imagination to create and he honed his storytelling skills as he played with the creations. Fine motor skills were practiced as he snipped, squeezed, and rolled the dough. He practiced his pincer grip as he built and decorated. He didn’t realize this of course. He was too busy having fun!

Setup Time: Less than 10 minutes!
Time Spent Playing: Almost 2 hours!

(Times will vary depending on a number of factors)

More Ways to Play:

The possibilities really are endless with this play dough play prompt! Tailor it to your children’s ages and interests by offering different materials.

We want to see your creative play prompts! Share your invitations to play with the hashtag #mdplayprompts.