4 Ways Kids Can Show Love

This post is brought to us by guest editor Carrie Anne from EverythingMom.com.


Saying the words “I love you” is important and something our kids learn early in life. Yet love can be expressed in our actions too.  Here are four ways kids can show love toward others:

Saying Thank You

After holidays and birthdays thank you cards are on everyone’s mind, but gratitude doesn’t have to only be the result of receiving a gift. Kids can thank a friend for having them over for a playdate or lending them a toy to play with. Using the Friendship Stamp Set kids can show love and appreciation by creating their own thank you notes to give to friends.


Sharing Toys

When you are playing with something you really love, it can be hard to share it with others! But as parents know, playing together brings a new type of play experience. Co-operative play toys such as the Construction Building Set in a Box or a group puzzle like the Solar System jigsaw puzzle enable kids to share their love of something they enjoy with other kids whose friendship they enjoy.

Feeling for Others

At a younger age my kids participated in a Roots of Empathy program within their class. It helped them to understand how and why babies behave. When a child puts themselves in the shoes of another person they are able to understand better how someone may feel, inviting a lone child to play or helping a friend who has fallen down. Role-playing is a great way for kids to understand others. With a Mine to Love doll they can be a doctor sorting out why a baby isn’t well or use a Surgeon Puppet to be a veterinarian taking care of a family pet.

Helping Out

Helping those around them demonstrate a child’s sense of love for these individuals, such as assisting a teacher in picking-up crayons that fell on the floor or working with mom and dad to empty the dishwasher together. Encourage helpful behavior by letting kids get involved. The Happy Giddy Kids Broom is a perfect size for little helpers, or let them assist in making the morning routine run smoother by packing their own backpack.

Learning that expressing love can be more than just saying the words is important for kids to understand and practice. These are just four ways kids can show others love. In our home I demonstrate love to my kids by listening to them, giving them my full attention when they are talking to me. Do your kids have a way they like to show love?

Carrie Ann