16 Ways to Cure the “Cabin Fever Crazies”

16 Ways to Cure the CABIN FEVER CRAZIES

Feeling a little STIR CRAZY? Perhaps your kids have a touch of CABIN FEVER?

We’ve got 16 ideas to help your family turn your WINTER DOLDRUMS into exciting FAMILY FUN!

NEW Craft Kits from Melissa & Doug: CUT-CREASE-CREATE!

cut-crease-create winter activity

When Cabin Fever sets in, parents are always looking for a fresh activity to entertain antsy little ones. We’ve got just the thing… Children create city skylines, animals, snowflakes, castles, flowers, jewelry, and MORE with our brand-new CUT-CREASE-CREATE kits! Using only a scissors, kids can follow the picture instructions at the top of each project page to create stunning paper sculptures. Dashes and lines guide each fold and cut. See how all three of our new craft kits work in the post “CUT-CREASE-CREATE!” You won’t believe your eyes!

4 Ways to Explore the Great INDOORS

4 Ways to Explore the Great Indoors

Learn how to use your puzzles in clever, new ways like puzzle hunts, races, or mash-ups. See how to set up an exciting indoor Bug Hunt for your little ones — that WON’T leave you squirming. Have your children explore new worlds by playing Dress-Up with costumes. (Melissa shares her creative tips for dress-up activities involving puppets, dream jobs, script-writing, and even blindfolded “grab bag” hilarity.) Finally, get tips on how to focus and calm children using a “cool” snow and ice sensory bin. Get the details for these 4 CABIN-FEVER-BUSTING ACTIVITIES in our post: “4 Ways to Explore the Great INDOORS.”

5 Snow-Inspired Activities for Indoors & Out

5 Snow-Inspired Activities for Indoors & Out

Have you ever thought to take your favorite beach or pool toys out into the snow? How ‘bout creating your own indoor “blizzard” for toy trucks to plow, scoop, and dump? Learn how potato flakes, oatmeal, or tissue paper can be used on a cookie sheet to create a snowstorm of fun for your little one. Or create a 3D cup of hot chocolate craft, complete with cotton-ball steam. Get instructions and ideas for these 3 and other winter-themed indoor activities — plus, several printable activity pages to strengthen fine motor skills — in the post “5 Snow-Inspired Activities for Indoors & Out.”

5 Ideas for Indoor Playdates

5 Ideas for Indoor Playdates

Need some ideas for hosting an indoor playdate? How about if you have a “Mess-Free Art Day” at your home? (Yes, it can be done!) Or learn how to throw a quick-and-easy doll birthday party — complete with wrapped gifts, “treats,” and fancy attire. (All of the fun of a party, with none of the stress.) You could also warm up this winter by meeting a friend for a playdate at an indoor pool! Splashing in some water (instead of shoveling snow) might help change your perspective for a while. Get the details on these and 2 more playdate activity ideas in the post “5 Ideas for Indoor Playdates.”

Go Camping INDOORS!

Go Camping INDOORS!

Give your kids a unique camping adventure they’ll remember… in the middle of winter! Blankets, tables, chairs, and clothespins are all you need to let your kids create their own “tent” to sleep in. They can build a pretend fire, take a nighttime hike around the house with flashlights, and take turns telling spooky ghost stories. Learn how to build a clever indoor campsite that keeps you warm and dry — no matter how cold it is outside — in our post “Indoor Camping.”

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100 Toys to Cure Cabin Fever

If you’re looking to add some new toys to your child’s playroom this winter, check out this amazing collection of 100 Toys to Cure Cabin Fever — all PRICED UNDER $15. These amazing, hand-picked toys are sure to stimulate their creativity, get their minds moving, and make indoor play a JOY again!

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Good luck with the contest… and with curing your family’s CABIN FEVER!


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