VALENTINE’S DAY CENTRAL: 100+ Treat, Book, Craft, & Party Ideas

Valentine's Day Central: 100+ Treat, Book, Craft, & Party Ideas

We’ve got OODLES of ideas for busy parents and teachers to find that “just right” book, snack, craft, gift, or party plan for Valentine’s Day!

So, roll up your sleeves . . . You’re gonna be busy after you FALL IN LOVE with these Valentine’s Day ideas and activities shared by Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassadors

…three professional blogging mamas who shared their amazing Valentine’s Day photos and ideas to help us foster love, learning, and creativity here at The Playtime Press.

So let’s get right to it — Here are over 100 clever ideas for Valentine’s Day:


Start spreading the LOVE today!

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Quick & Heartfelt Family “Love Tree”


Once the Christmas tree is gone, your living room can feel a little bare. Spruce it up with a quick & easy Valentine’s Day “Love Tree.” Teachers love this project because children get to practice fine motor skills like tracing, cutting, threading, twisting, writing, and painting. Kids like it ‘cuz it’s a craft with PIZZAZZ and, oh yeah — GLITTER! Moms love it because it’s a sweet Valentine’s Day decoration made with things you already have laying around the house! Click here to get Amy’s printable “Love Tree” heart pattern to make things even easier and to read her full post to add some SPARKLE to your family’s living room this Valentine’s Day!

Sweet & Simple Valentine Keepsake


Tiffany shares her tips for creating colorful heart-themed paintings that can be framed and hung up at Valentine’s Day (or year-round). Her trick: Draw parallel lines in pencil, then have your little one make hearts by pulling the paintbrush in two angled strokes toward each line. The result? Perfectly aligned rows of hearts. Read more of Tiffany’s clever art tips to quickly and neatly create a beautiful work of art to frame for your walls this Valentine’s Day!

Mini “Stained-Glass” Heart Valentines


You’ll love how these colorful “stained-glass” hearts brighten the “winter grays” peeking through your widows this time of year. Learn how to make these heart window ornaments using 3 types of paper (construction, tissue, and contact) plus alphabet stamps and ribbon. Although your little one can certainly write their name or a message, using stamps can help liven things up! Get Amy’s step-by-step instructions for this cute Valentine’s Day craft here.

Personalized “Sweetheart” Photo Valentines


Learn how to set up a “photo booth” in your home! Tiffany shares how wrapping paper can be used to create a colorful backdrop for custom photo valentines. The photo shoot is only half the fun! When you’re done, your little ones get to decorate the cards and write a sweet message inside. Get Tiffany’s tips on lighting, cropping, and more in her full post: Capturing Sweethearts.

8 Creative Crafts for Valentine’s Day

8 Creative Crafts for Valentine's Day

In case you missed it (or you just didn’t get to use all 8 ideas from last year’s Valentine’s Day Roundup), we thought we’d include these craft ideas shared by even more of our Blog Ambassadors. Check out this round-up post to see if one of these 8 craft ideas — like bookmarks, personalized gift wrap, heart boxes, and more — is a HIT with your kids this year!


6 Unbelievably-Delicious Chocolate Treats

6 delicious chocolate treats

Grab a napkin . . . ’cuz you’re about to DROOL just hearing the names of these chocolaty treats: Chocolate Pretzel Clusters, No-Bake Chocolate Snickers Bites, Chocolate-Drizzled Chex Mix, Five-Layer Pie, Chocolate Peppermint Bark, & Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzels. Get the recipes in Zina’s full post for these simple treats the kiddos can help make for a “sweet treat” gift for a friend, teacher, or relative.

Valentine’s Day Lunchbox “Notes &  Jokes”

Valentine's Day Lunchbox Jokes and Notes

If your kids are into knock-knock jokes, you’ll love this cute idea to share some “lunchbox love.” Amy shares her printable template of Valentine’s Day jokes for you to sign, fold, and tuck in a lunchbox. Yep – it’s just that easy. Put a smile on your little one’s face at lunchtime this Valentine’s Day! See Amy’s full post for her clever idea for securing them shut and other fun places to hide “love notes” for your littles to discover!

Decadent Strawberry-Stuffed French Toast

Decadent strawberry-stuffed french toast for Valentine's Day

Whether you’re feeding a crowd or just your closest loved ones on Valentine’s Day this year, this decadent dish is the perfect meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Click here to get Tiffany’s recipe for her Strawberry-Stuffed French Toast . . . You can almost taste the strawberries and cream cheese right now, can’t you?


Host a Last-Minute, Sweet & Easy Valentine Party

Sweet & Easy Valentine's Day Party

Tiffany shares her tips to help you easily pull together a last-minute Valentine’s Day party. Kids can make their own heart boxes, place mats, candy jewelry, and more. Plus, don’t forget the TREATS like Cupid Crunch Popcorn and Fruit with Strawberry Cheesecake Dip. See Tiffany’s beautiful photos and descriptions of her daughters’ Valentine’s Day party here.

How to Throw a Rockstar Valentine’s Day Class Party

How to Throw a ROCKSTAR Valentine's Day Class Party

For those of you who are brave enough to help the teacher host a classroom party at school, Amy gives you the scoop on how to throw a party of ROCKSTAR proportions. Amy has come up with just the right mix of games, crafts, and snacks to keep elementary schoolers engaged and having fun. You’ll learn everything to you need to help with goodie bags, decorations, treats, games, and more! Wrap things up with her dance suggestion, and everyone will leave the PAR-TAY smiling. Get the scoop in “How to Throw a Rockstar Valentine’s Day Class Party.”


Give the Gift of Reading to Your SWEETIES

5-hardcover-Valentine's-Day -Books

Give the gift of reading this year with a Valentine’s Day book that has a special dated inscription from you inside the front cover. There’s something in the heft and weight of fancy, hardcover books that makes them feel special and important. See Tiffany’s 5 Favorite Hard Cover or Board Books for Valentine’s Day  that are sure to become treasured favorites in your home, too!

100+ Valentine’s Day Books Recommended by Moms

100 Valentine's Day Books Recommended by Moms

The title of this post says it all! You have to check out this amazing list that Zina has created of over 100 kids’ books about LOVE to share with your little ones this Valentine’s Day. Phew! We’re tired just thinking about all the work it took to compile this incredible mom-approved book list. Thanks, Zina!

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We hope these 100+ ideas inspire you to have some fun with your little ones this Valentine’s Day. So get out your art smocks — or your kitchen aprons, for those sweet treats — and GET TO IT! 

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Valentine's Day Central: 100+ Treat, Book, Craft, & Party Ideas