Play Prompts: Magnetic Puzzle Play!

BoredomBustingPromptsPostThis Playtime Prompts series is provided by guest blogger Joyce of Childhood Beckons.

This week’s play prompt is sure to beat the boredom blues!


This do-it-yourself magnetic puzzle prompt is incredibly easy to create and it’s the perfect activity for those times when you are cooking dinner and need the kids to entertain themselves for a while.


The Setup: 

To create this magnetic puzzle play prompt, I added small strips of magnetic tape to the back of each piece of a cardboard jigsaw puzzle. I just cut a piece of the tape, removed the paper backing, and pressed it against the puzzle piece. The magnetic tape makes it so simple!


Then I scattered the pieces onto the front of the fridge and waited for my son to discover them.

The Play:

He was so surprised and honestly couldn’t wait to get started putting the puzzle together. Had I suggested that he go put together a puzzle while I cooked dinner, he may have done so reluctantly or told me that he wanted to do something else as he simultaneously complained that he didn’t know what to do.

Can you relate to the dinner time boredom blues?

But because this puzzle was at the center of all the dinner prep activity, and it was magnetic… it was the best activity of the day!

He began by sorting the corners, edges, and inner pieces. Then he pieced together the outer edges because it’s always easier to work from the outside in! He was happy to update me about his progress as I cooked. And I was happy to have him near and see him happy.

More Ways to Play:

You can extend the fun by having your child go on a puzzle piece scavenger hunt! Visit the link for free printable clues!





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