5 Clever Ways to Celebrate National Puzzle Day

Celebrate Puzzle Day!

Did you know that January 29th is National Puzzle Day?

Whether your puzzle preference is jigsaw, crossword, or maze, there are TONS of fun ways — for both children and adults — to celebrate puzzles.

If you’re feeling puzzled about how you could celebrate this special day with your child, try these ideas on for size . . .

1. Set up a “Puzzle Hunt”

Go on a puzzle hunt!

Learn how to make your own educational scavenger hunt — with a puzzle theme. It’s quick and easy to set up this exciting puzzle activity that will have your kids moving all over the house in search of the next puzzle piece. Our guest blogger Joyce (of Childhood Beckons) even gives you FREE TEMPLATES of adorable, rhyming clues that you can print and read (or have your child read) to provide hints about where each piece is hiding (e.g., “Have you heard the NEWS? The next clue can be found where we keep OUR SHOES”). Get step-by-step instructions and FREE PRINTABLES in Joyce’s full post.

2. Stretch Your Child’s Brain & Body with “Floor Puzzles”

Floor puzzle extension ideas

After you’ve finished putting together a floor puzzle, the fun and learning don’t have to end there. Blog Ambassador Amy (of Teach Mama) shares her ideas for sneaking in some extra learning at all puzzle levels: BEGINNER (under 24 pieces), INTERMEDIATE (24–50 pieces), and ADVANCED (100+ pieces). Check out Amy’s full post for great tips on using FLOOR PUZZLES to work on skills like counting, categorizing, pattern recognition, story-telling, research, and more!

3. Tell a Story with Your Favorite Puzzles

Tell a story with puzzles!

Re-purpose your puzzles as story-telling tools for your little one. This quick puzzle activity gets kids “thinking outside the puzzle box” as they develop simple narratives and learn transition words like first, next, then, and finally. See how Blog Ambassador Allison (of No Time for Flash Cards) took her daughter on a puzzling “trip to the zoo” in her full post: Tell a Story with Your Favorite Puzzles.

4. Learn Some “Fun Facts” about Puzzles

Learn fun facts about puzzles!

Test your puzzle knowledge with some fun facts about puzzles. How many pieces does the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle have? Where and when was the first jigsaw puzzle invented? How did “jigsaw puzzles” get their name? Find the answers to these questions and more in 5 Fun Facts: Puzzling over Puzzles.

5. Create a New Use for Your Puzzle Pieces

When is a puzzle NOT a puzzle? When you dream up another use for the pieces! In this video, Melissa shares creative play ideas for using your chunky puzzle pieces in all-new ways. Break free from the confines of the puzzle board and use your pieces as moveable characters and more! Let your child’s imagination run wild. Get the scoop in Puzzles – At Any Age! Video Round-Up from Melissa.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Did you know that puzzles were the first category of wooden products that Melissa & Doug ever made? You did? Well, do you know what favorite CHILDHOOD BOOK was the inspiration for their VERY FIRST puzzle? Click here to find the answer!

Puzzled  by which puzzle is right for your kids? Use our handy Puzzle Guide Infographic to find that “just right fit” for puzzlers of every age and stage.

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We’re so glad that puzzles are as “near and dear” to your heart as they are to
Melissa & Doug. There are still a few days left in National Puzzle Month . . .
Do us proud, and get PUZZLING!

And if you’ve got a clever use of your own for puzzles, share your ideas in the Comments below or start a conversation on the Melissa & Doug Facebook page. We’d love to hear it! Happy National Puzzle Day!