Boredom Busting Play Prompts!

This Playtime Prompts series is provided by guest blogger Joyce of Childhood Beckons.

I’m thrilled to announce a new series here at Melissa & Doug! This new weekly series will share ideas to keep your kids happy and entertained all winter long. Buy yourself a bit of time in the mornings or while you make dinner with these boredom busting play prompts!


What to Expect: 

I’ll be sharing classic play ideas that are easy to set up and provide lots of opportunities for exploration and open-ended play. These play prompts are intended to be simple and created with common household supplies. They will invite kids to play and encourage them to use toys and materials in ways outside of their everyday norm. Each post will share a bit about the prep work, the way my son used the items presented to him, as well as suggestions on various ways you can tailor it to your own family. If you don’t have something used in the featured play prompt, feel free to get creative and use what you have!
My play prompt will likely look different from yours, and that’s okay! Even if our play prompts were exactly the same, chances are that our children would play with them in completely different ways. Imagination is the heart of these playful invitations so you can’t go wrong.

What kind of prompts can you look forward to? There will be lots of arts and crafts, pretend play, and other opportunities to play and explore indoors. You can even expect a free printable or two!

Get Involved:

Let’s inspire each other! We’d love to see the play prompts you create. Share your pictures on Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ with the hashtag #mdplayprompts. And don’t forget that you can search for #mdplayprompts to find even more ideas from other families. Let’s turn this into a fantastic boredom busting resource!