What’s your Mommy Art Style?

Sweet and simple valentine art | Melissa & Doug Playtime Press

BlogAmbassador-IconWhat’s your Mommy Art Style?

Are you a hands-on, instruction giving crafter with your kids? Or do you prefer to toss a bunch of inspirational supplies onto the table and let them be guided by their own whimsy?

I don’t think there’s a wrong answer here. I also don’t think it has to be always one way or the other. I’ve done both with my kids and have found benefits to each scenario.

I believe there’s value in being able to follow instructions and create something specific at the end of an art session.

Just like my simple and sweet Valentine’s Keepsake painting project.
Click here for full details.

I believe there’s also value in letting their imaginations run wild and seeing just what they are capable of.

So what’s your personal preference? I’d love to know! Let’s chat in the comments below.




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