5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Family (…and HINTS to help you KEEP them!)

5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Family (and HINTS to help you KEEP them!)

Has your family made any New Year’s Resolutions? Every new year offers your family a new beginning . . .  A chance to “right” the “wrongs” (or at least the “could do betters”) and do things a little differently. {Tweet this!}

Today we’re sharing 5 family-based resolutions for the New Year. May they inspire you to create more memories, refresh your mind (and your home), and share more teachable moments with your little ones in the coming year!

RESOLUTION #1: Have your children set (and track) their own goals for the New Year.

Stars and Wishes Printable for Kids!

Guest blogger Julie Kieras shares a simple and charming way to introduce your child to the concepts of self-reflection and goal-setting. What better time to teach your little one about these two activities than when you’re making some New Year’s Resolutions of your own. In her full post, Julie walks you through activities and ideas for getting the personal resolutions conversation started using the kid-friendly terms of Stars & Wishes. First, she recommends that children LOOK BACK on the past year to recognize their Star moments (their brightest ideas, favorite events, and proudest accomplishments). Then she suggests they LOOK FORWARD and describe their Wishes for the New Year (their hopes, goals, and dreams). She even includes a lovely “Stars & Wishes” printable to help get you started. Download her FREE printable and get Julie’s full explanation of her Stars & Wishes activity in her post “Goal Setting for Preschoolers: New Year’s Stars and Wishes.”

(And for even more ideas to help keep little ones accountable after they recognize their Stars & Wishes, check out this related chart-making post for ideas on using calendars and responsibility charts with young ones.)

RESOLUTION #2: Capture more family moments and stories.

5 Ways to Preserve Family Memories

Learn 5 clever ways to preserve more family memories in the coming new year — everything from creating a Family Time Capsule to having your children become “Guest Bloggers” for their own stories and memories! It’s all here waiting for you to find that “just right” tip that fits your schedule, talents, and interests. For a description of these and more great ideas, check out the full post “5 Ways to Preserve Family Memories.”

RESOLUTION #3: Start your weekday mornings more smoothly. (3 Tips for Creating a School Prep Zone)

3 Tips for Creating a School Prep Zone

Blog Ambassador and mother of two Zina Harrington knows the stress the morning can bring trying to get little ones out the door — and do it ON TIME. In her “Parent Watercooler” post, she shares 3 tips for creating a School Prep Zone to lessen your stress and increase your child’s independence in the New Year. Child-involvement and personalization are KEY! Zina suggests you let your children add a customized nameplate or letter-stickered sign to stake their claim on their School Prep Zone. Such ownership will encourage them to use it (and will make it clear just who needs to tidy that area up should the need arise!). Read Zina’s tips and ideas for creating a customized School Prep Zone of your own in her full post “Parent Watercooler: Weekday Mornings.”

RESOLUTION #4: Deep-clean & deodorize now that the holiday get-togethers are over.

Holiday Messes Don't Have to Stop the Party: 5 Easy Solutions

Guest contributor Katie Bugbee shares 5 tips for getting out those stubborn stains, odors, and “I’ll fix it later” messes that the Holiday Hubbub left behind. Feeding and hosting house guests over the holidays can leave your home with some Guest Goof-ups that you made light of to keep everyone’s holiday spirits up. Now, I’m afraid, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to the “dirty work” that’s been waiting for you. But don’t worry . . . Katie may have just the “quick fix” you’ve been looking for  from getting out melted candle wax from your heirloom tablecloth to removing spilled beverage stains from your white rug. She’s got you covered. Read more of Katie’s tips for handling common holiday-hosting disasters in her full post “Holiday Messes Don’t Have to Stop the Party: 5 Easy Solutions.”

RESOLUTION #5: Make room for the NEW! (6 Ways to Revamp Your Play Space for the New Year)

6 Ways to Revamp Your Play Space for the New Year

If your child’s existing play area is suffering from a bad case of Clutter-itis, it may be time for a CLEANSE. Out with the old, the broken, and the unused! Make room for your child’s new toys and gifts  and get your shelves, bins, and drawers in shape with 6 tips for revamping your play space for the New Year.

Using labels are a great way to reflect what children learn at school A place for everything, and everything in its place. Not only do labels help little ones keep their things organized all on their own, but they also reinforce letter recognition and reading skills! Get more playroom tips in the full post “6 Ways to Revamp Your Play Space for the New Year.”

(Hint: For TONS more organizing ideas to start your New Year out right, check out our “Clean Sweep” organizing series, with 10 POSTS (by three Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassadors) running the gamut on the topic of family organization like taming the plastic container mountain in your kitchen, keeping kids’ clothes organized, and creating “kid nooks”  and study areas. You won’t want to miss this handy collection of tips and tricks from these masterful mamas!)

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May the year ahead bring you and your family plenty of unharried time for Creative Play — Every Day.

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