Top 5 Gift Picks for Older Kids (ages 8 years and up)

This top 5 holiday–or any day!–gift picks post is brought to you by Melissa & Doug, written by our Blog Ambassador Amy Mascott.

top 5 gift picks older kids

It’s no secret that often our “big kids” turn to the “little guys'” toys when offered the opportunity.  Of course, many little ones tend to gravitate towards older children’s toys, too.  And there’s no hard and fast rule that says certain toys are for children under or over a given age.

But what are my favorite Melissa & Doug toys for older kids? As a parent and educator, I definitely have my top choices, and so do my own kids, who are 10, 8, and 6 years old.

Here are our top 5 Gift Picks for Older Kids, in no particular order:

top gift picks for older kids cover stickers 1

Available in a range of themes, kids will totally fall for the Dinosaur Set, Space Set, Unicorns, Under the Sea, and more.

top gift picks for older kids scratch art

  • Scratch Art: Scratch Art is fascinating for kids. It’s a reverse art–creating by scratching away–so they love it!

We love each and every set–the Light Catcher Deluxe Set, the Holographic Set , and the Neon Set just to name a few!

top picks for older kids sticker sets

  • Sticker Sets: These sticker sets have been known to keep crowds of kids busy and focused for long stretches of time, and every single child is proud to share his or her finished sticker scene!

Whether it’s the Puffy Sticker Sets, the Reusable Sticker Sets, or the Make-A-Face Sticker pads, kids of all ages love to sit down for some open-ended free time to create!  Pair the stickers with the Picture Frame Pad, and kids will really fall hard!

top picks for older kids magical masterpieces

  • Magical Masterpieces: The Magical Masterpiece Paint Sets are huge favorites of older kids. These sets allow young artists to mix their own watercolors and apply them onto a “magic” canvas with water-resist outlines.

An absolute must-have for every child, both the Rain Forest Set and the Pets Set are awesome.

top gift picks for older kids puzzles

  • Puzzles: Oldies but goodies, puzzles are a hit for all kids.

Whether it’s a classic Wooden USA Puzzle, a Safari Floor Puzzle, or a 200- piece jigsaw puzzle, these are definitely super for cold winter days when families are stuck indoors.

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