Hot Chocolate Printable & Counting Activity!

What’s better than a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly winter day?

. . . maybe a cup of hot chocolate plus a little bit of sensory arts & crafts play! And, did you know? There are so many great (and secretly educational) activities you can do with marshmallows! Here are some ideas:

*   If you have 3 marshmallows and someone gives you 3 more, how many do you have?
*   If you have 5 marshmallows and eat 2, how many do you have left?
*   Place a handful of marshmallows on the table and figure out how many each person can have. Is there an even number? How do you make it fair if there are extra?

If you don’t have hot chocolate or marshmallows on hand, here is a free HOT CHOCOLATE printable page to tide you over until that next grocery run. Enjoy 🙂 (Click the hot chocolate printable page below, to Download the PDF Printable)

Marshmallow Counting hot chocolate printable

What size marshmallows do you like to put in your hot chocolate on a cold winter day?