Kid-Made Thank You Cards

With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to craft up some handmade thank you cards to give to loved ones both near and far. Our Blog Ambassador, Valerie Deneen of Inner Child Fun shares an easy step by step craft tutorial for a simple, yet beautiful thank you card the kids can make using some common household items and a few of our favorite Melissa & Doug craft supplies — the Alphabet Stamp Set and the Non-Roll Marker Set! This festive craft project is a great way for little ones to work on developing fine motor skills, and for older kids to work on pattern recognition too. Get the full tutorial here!


  1. […] Though originally written for the end of the school year, this post has some great tips for what your child can write in a thank-you card to a teacher this holiday season. The ideas are broken down by age: Preschoolers (ages 3-4) and Older Children (ages 5+). Showing good manners and gratitude are lessons that every teacher will appreciate. Sending thank-you notes not only when your child receives a present, but for other reasons too (like for being a good friend, coming to a playdate, or being a patient coach) is an important way to guide little ones in the social niceties that make the world a better place. Keeping a basket of supplies handy for making quick thank-you notes when an unexpected occasion arises is just one of MANY great tips in our post “Creating Thank-You Cards for Teachers.” (For other ideas for thank-you cards in general, see the post “Kid-Made Thank-You Cards.”) […]