Celebrity for a Day: Galileo Galilei

In honor of the upcoming Solar Eclipse, stretch your child’s mind with a full day of play honoring Galileo, father of astronomy.



  1. Prepare little tummies for a day of play with a breakfast feast. Make mini-pancake “planets” and arrange them around a larger pancake “sun.” Make “stars” from fruit cut into star shapes.
  2. Trivia Time: While your child eats, share some kid-friendly trivia to introduce Galileo and his contributions to science and society.
  • Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy in 1564 during the heart of the Renaissance. He lived for 78 years.
  • He was homeschooled during his early years, and later attended the University of Pisa before dropping out from “boredom.”
  • Galileo was a groundbreaking astronomer, physicist, mathematician, philosopher, and inventor.
  • Among his inventions were a military compass for aiming cannonballs, and a thermometer.
  • His most important invention was the telescope. This allowed Galileo to observe things in the skies that had not previously been seen, including the moon’s surface and Jupiter’s four orbiting moons.

3. Costume your child as an astronaut while exploring science and the stars.


  1. Conduct your own space mission with the Space Mission Peel & Press Sticker by Numbers kit, featuring an extraterrestrial scene complete with an astronaut, rocket ship, plants, and meteors. The finished product can be hung as artwork in your child’s room.
  2. During rest time, read to your child (or have them read to you) about Galileo. Try Galileo For Kids, which includes lots of activities.
  3. Explore our solar system with the Solar System Floor Puzzle, featuring the sun, moon, and planets. Or build your own using Blendy Pens Markers and Activity Book – Space Adventure.


After the sun goes down, gather the family and head outside for some stargazing. Print a constellation map from the Internet and see what you can identify. Or, simply enjoy looking at the stars together – marveling at the same view Galileo enjoyed more than 400 years ago.

We hope your day is out-of-this world!