So Easy It’s Spooky! Halloween Snacks For Kids.

Ambassador Badge 2013This pretend play idea is brought to you by Melissa & Doug, written by our Blog Ambassador Allison McDonald.
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easy halloween snacks for kidsAs a blogger people usually expect me to make over the top holiday treats, birthday parties , and other celebrations. Nope. I am pretty chill when it comes to holidays like Halloween. I love just being with my kids and seeing the day through their eyes. That doesn’t mean I don’t do anything but like you I am busy and have a million different obligations pulling at me at any given time and need to prioritize.  These Halloween snack cup ideas take minutes to make and require almost no planning. These are my kind of treats.

You will need some snack cups like pudding, mandarin oranges, gelatin in orange, white , and green. You may also need some acetone nail polish remover if you want to take the best before date and other printing off the cups. Don’t forget your permanent black marker, it must be permanent or it will rub off and you’ll have a not so spooky mess.easy halloween snacks for parties

Start by wiping off any printing with the acetone and a paper towel. It came off super easily for me. I did 12 cups with one dab of acetone. Wipe the cups down with clean water after.easy halloween snacks wipe off

Next start creating!  I made pumpkins on the orange cups, ghosts with the white and a Frankenstein type monster with the green. You could add googly eyes if you are ambitious, I am not that ambitious.easy halloween class snacks

Even my 3 year old got into it!easy halloween party food

Make sure not to rub the marker for a minute or two, but once it’s dry you are golden.easy halloween snack cups

Enjoy an easy but fun Halloween snack!

What is your favorite simple Halloween treat?

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