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Halloween is traditionally a time for sweets, sweets, and more sweets, but who says kids must eat candy from dawn till dusk just because that’s how it’s always been done?
This year, though my kids will certainly have their fair share of sweets (we are a sweet-tooth family after all), I’m really trying hard to think outside the box a bit as far as Halloween treats are concerned.  I’m stretching the limits of treat-giving and treat receiving, and I’m looking for small, hands-on toys that encourage creative play and fun.
As a Room Parent for one of my kids’ classes, I’m not planning on handing each child yet another bag of sweets to shove in their backpacks on the very day they’ll walk the streets of their neighborhood grabbing more candy than they can hold. Instead, I’m handing the kids a few new Halloween treats: bubbles, stickers, tattoos, crafts, and small toys. These are sure to be items that the kids–and parents–will be happy to see, as they won’t mean more sugar for their little bodies.
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Check out my full post here and tell us: What do YOU hand out as “treats” for Halloween?

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