It’s a HALLOWEEN HULLABALOO . . . Crafts, Games, & Learning Activities for All Ages


We’ve got dynamite decorations, creepy crafts, educational experiments, and more! We’ve rounded up “the best of the best” Halloween ideas from our Blog Ambassadors to bring you this special Halloween Hullabaloo. Like a treat bag on Halloween, this post is OVERFLOWING with goodies . . . our TREAT to you!

1. Last-Minute Halloween Crafts


Allison McDonald shares her 5 SUPER-SIMPLE HALLOWEEN CRAFTS to keep kids busy and chillin’ before their big night out on the town. There’s gunky ooey-gooey crafts, artsy paper gluey crafts, and no-bake yummy cookie crafts. Don’t those sound fun? Get step-by-step instructions and pictures for each of her 5 crafts in her post: Last-Minute Halloween Crafts.

2. Halloween Learning Ideas — Silly and Scary Literacy, Math, and Science


In the spirit of JACK-O-LANTERN, Amy Mascott adds a BIT-O-LEARNIN’ to the days leading up to Halloween. She likes to work in some silly and tricky fun – nothing too spooky. There’s printable Halloween Joke Lunchbox Notes, Halloween word searches, grid games, candy experiments, creepy treats, and lots more literacy, math, and science learning ideas. It’s all in Halloween Learning Ideas — Silly and Scary Literacy, Math, and Science.

3. Toilet-Paper the House with Pumpkins


For those of you who say, “I’m not crafty,” THIS is the craft project for you! It couldn’t get any easier — or quieter. Shh . . . In this wordless walk-through, Zina Harrington uses pictures (no words) to show you how making an adorable toilet-paper pumpkin for your home is truly as easy as 1, 2, 3. Check it out in Toilet-Paper the House with Pumpkins.

4. The Great Pumpkin Deconstruction: 4 Preschool Learning Activities


In this great, hands-on sensory activity, Marnie Craycroft gets kids learning about pumpkins — inside and out. What could be more “hands-on” than squishing “pumpkin guts” through your fingers? Children learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin as they deconstruct one before their very eyes. Get all the slimy details in The Great Pumpkin Deconstruction: 4 Preschool Learning Activities.

5. SPOOKY SPIDERS: An Easy Halloween Craft for Kids


Katie Heap shows you how to make adorable pine cone spiders even an arachnophobic could love. What a perfect decoration to dress up your steps or doorway on Halloween night! With “bug eyes” made from pom-poms and googly eyes, your kids will giggle when they see these cute creepy-crawlies. See how to make your own in SPOOKY SPIDERS: An Easy Halloween Craft for Kids.

* * *

Got a silly, sweet, or spooky Halloween craft or learning activity of your own? “Treat us to it” in the comments below, or start a conversation on the Melissa and Doug Facebook page.



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