5 Ideas for a DISCOVERY DAY!


Exploring . . . Sensing . . . Traveling . . . Discovering . . . Recording . . . All in a day’s work for a busy explorer.

Use these five action-packed verbs to frame your own Discovery Day — while introducing little ones to famous explorers and scientists too! Here’s 5 ideas to draw from to create a fun-filled Discovery Day for your little ones.

1. Host an Ocean Explorers Playdate (IN or OUTside)

Ocean-Explorers-PlaydatePretend to be a famous ocean explorer like Christopher Columbus! Set the mood with an ocean-sounds CD, or sing your own ocean-themed tunes. Fill the bathtub, a wash basin, or a small wading pool with water and three boats to sail: one for each of Columbus’s maiden ships (the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria). Talk about interesting sea creatures that ocean explorers might come across — like sea horses, sea sponges, or hammerhead sharks. Get a recipe for adorable Sea Snacks and  learn more water-based activities for your Discovery Day in How to Host an Ocean Explorers Playdate.

2. Go on a Sensory Walk

springtime-sensory-walk-printableExplorers rely on their senses to take in information, analyze data, and make decisions. Use your Discovery Day as a chance to hone your little one’s sensory skills. Although this Sensory Walk post was originally written for spring, most of the items on the BONUS PRINTABLE Recording Checklist still apply this time of year. See what things you can discover together outdoors — using all five senses — in Sensory Walk for Kids. (Flippin’ Fun Idea: After using a pair of binoculars the “regular” way, have kids flip them around to make the things they find in nature that are near to them appear far away. A great hands-on way to introduce the concept of “depth perception” to young minds.)

 3. Create Your Own “Discovery Lab”

suessspecklab31If you’ve got kids who love science but you’re not in love with the mess their experiments make, this is the lab for you! Based on the Dr. Seuss book Horton Hears a Who, this Speck Discovery Lab has children become scientists and use magnifying glasses to inspect “clover flowers” for “specks.” While in the lab, you can introduce names of scientists like Louis Pasteur or Thomas Edison and talk about what they discovered. Read more about how to work in some science discoveries at home in Create Your Own Discovery Lab.

 4. Be a Savvy Traveler (Even with Little Ones in Tow)

roadtrippin-2Whether you’re crossing the country like Lewis & Clark or crossing the ocean like Magellan, keeping your spirits up while traveling can be a feat in itself. In this “ON the GO” post, Travelin’ Mamas share their favorite tips for traveling with kids. Learn how to keep everyone’s spirits up and how to let your children “take the lead” for a bit when on the road. (You’d be amazed at the adventures kids can take you on.) You’ll also get recipes for portable, low-mess treats to take on your journey and sanity-saving tips to make traveling with kids as clean, comfortable, and entertaining as possible. Read the full post here:  Traveling with Kids: 5 ON the GO Tips & Tricks.

5. Teach Kids How to Record and Analyze Results

colorhuntpostcover1On your Discovery Day, be sure to mention how important it is for explorers and scientists to record what they learn (kids can draw their findings if not able to write yet). Have children go on a “Color Hunt” in nature while they document the season and then record the colors and items they spot in nature. The BONUS PRINTABLE Record Sheet can be used year-round, to compare children’s findings from their nature hunts during the year. Use each season’s record sheet to create a hypothesis about why certain colors were (or were not) seen during each season. This activity has it all — fine and gross motor skills, creative thinking, art, science, reading, writing, and {yep!} even ‘rithmatic. Get the scoop in the full post: Colors of Nature Color Hunt.

* * *

We hope these ideas inspire you to create a Discovery Day of your own — not just on COLUMBUS DAY, but ANY DAY!

Got an explorer-themed activity your kids revel in? Share it with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!


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