5 (Actually 10) Fun Ways to Celebrate Fall


Whether it’s ol’ fashioned leaf rubbings you’re looking for, or you want a “smelly” project that captures the spicy scents of fall, it’s all here in our fall round-up.

“Something old. Something new. Something egg-washed. Something glued.” OK, so that’s probably not much help to a bride, but if you’re a parent or teacher wanting to celebrate the fall season, we’ve got ya covered. Read on!

5 Fall Activities to Embrace (Before Winter Comes!)


Guest Blogger Julie Kieras  shares her love of autumn with her top-five favorite fall activities. From “painting” Leaf Cookies with shiny, colored egg wash to making fall-scented  pictures with nutmeg, cloves, or pumpkin pie spice {yum!} it’s all here. Check out Julie’s other fantastic ideas to make the most of fall — indoors or out — in 5 Fall Activities to Embrace (Before Winter Comes!).

Watercolor-Resist Leaf Paintings


Blog Ambassador Valerie Deneen explains how to create beautiful watercolor leaf paintings (with a handy trick that makes the crayon-rubbing part easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy). And look closely at her pictures: She uses foil-lined cookie sheets as child workstations to catch the paint that runs off the waxy drawings. BRILLIANT! Check it out in Watercolor-Resist Leaf Paintings.

Stained-Glass Scratch Art Leaves


OK. So there’s actually no stains or glass involved in this activity. Just lots of SCRATCHING! Children collect leaves and then trace them onto stained-glass “scratch art” paper. No muss. No fuss. Beautiful by day, and super cool when lit up at night. Find out what tool you need to make your scratch-art drawings come to life at night in Stained-Glass Scratch Art Leaves.

Leaf Rubbings On the Go


It may be “old school,” but it’s just not fall till you’ve done a leaf rubbing. Make it quick and easy by bringing your  paper and crayons TO the leaves so you can do the activity outside. Go on a nature hike, then stop along the way to do a rubbing with each new leaf that your little one finds. What a great way to hold their attention and to focus on each type of leaf as you examine its unique color and shape. Get the scoop in Leaf Rubbings On the Go.

Celebrating All the Seasons


Use fall to kick-start a discussion with kids about the seasons in general:

  • How the weather changes
  • What holidays occur in each season
  • What foods can be harvested

Find out which season is their favorite and why, and have them write or draw their ideas. Get a list of ideas and topics to discuss about each season in Celebrating All the Seasons.

* * *

Try out these great fall-themed ideas, and let us know how they turned out for you and your little ones. Share your pictures and stories on the Melissa and Doug Facebook page or chat in the comments section below.

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