How to Get Kids Excited About Homework

This DIY kids’ homework station idea is provided by Guest Blogger Kim Vij of The Educators’ Spin On It.


School’s back in session, which means homework is starting to come home and become a part of our daily afternoon. Here are a few tips to get your child excited about homework, rather than viewing it as a challenge.

1) Do Homework the Same Time Every Day

Have your child do their homework at the same time each day after school. Setting up a routine that works is important. If needed create a visual sign for Homework Time and Playtime.

2) Eat & Drink Before You Think

It’s always a good tip to make sure you’ve had a snack before you start your homework. A fueled brain will perform much better than an empty one!

3) Move a Little Before Homework

Your child has been sitting for most of their day. So, give them an opportunity to work on building some gross motor skills before they sit down to do homework. A quick little dance party, backyard fun or a few hoops usually does the trick.

Getting_Kids_Involved_with_Setting_Up_For_Homework4) Make a Little Movement with Homework

If you’re practicing spelling words or math facts, don’t be afraid to make some moves. The more parts of your child’s body that’s engaged in learning the more quickly they will learn that information. Jump out spelling words, write them outside on with chalk, or clap out math facts.

Setting_Up_Homework_Station5) Create a Homework Station

Set up a location at your home that is distraction free and consistent. Encourage your child to help you set it up with you. The more they are involved the more ownership they will have in their learning environment. We used an Art Kit to fill our station with fun supplies!

6) Set up a Learning Environment

Keeping the current topics front and center can play a key role in the success of your child’s learning.  We set up our Easel to keep our Spelling words and Math Facts on. I think my 2 year old knows quite a bit now from big sister sharing her knowledge of two grade topics now.

7) Create a Communication Board for School

Are projects getting misplaced or due dates getting mixed up? Create a Communication Board to write down information together on a calendar. Keep a section to store papers that are important for future use.

Having trouble keeping on task?

Location, Location, Location

Think about varying your location to spark an interest for doing homework. Some ideas for locations are a variety of tables, desk, lapboard, clipboard, backyard or even your front porch.

Background Music

Consider playing very calm background music. Sometimes it can help to be the white noise we need to focus, especially with siblings in the background.

Make a Goal Chart

Keep track of their successes with a goal chart. Some children need a little extra encouragement.  Breaking it up into segments of time can make it a little bit easier.

Hang it up!

Make a special spot just for your backpack on a hook! Keep folders and homework inside once it’s complete so no homework is lost.

What is your biggest challenge with homework?

* * *

Headshot Kim VijKim Vij the co-author at The Educators’ Spin On It As an early childhood teacher and a mom of three, she’s learned many tips and tricks of parenting and teaching along the way in the past 20 years. She shares her “Educator’s Spin” on parenting issues and how to make learning playful and playtime meaningful.

You can find Kim on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest!

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