10+ Painting Crafts for Kids

Add some color to your child’s creative time, with this roundup of 10+ painting crafts for kids!

Whether you’re a Neat Nancy or a Messy Mary, now is the perfect time to try a painting activity — with all of the suggestions below, there are sure to be painting crafts that fit your family!

Check out these 10 clever art projects that’ll have your kids painting on paper, rocks, puzzle pieces, and more.

5 Art (3 painting) Appreciation Lessons 

5-art-appreciation-lessons painting crafts

This boomer of a post gives parents a FULL WEEK of art activities to introduce children to some basic principles of art and art history, as well as various “tools of the trade.” Learn about warm and cool colors, the color wheel (with a bonus printable Color-Mixing Worksheet), Pointillism, making a painted collage, & much more in 5 Art (3 Painting) Appreciation Lessons for Summer Learning.

Celebrity for a Day: Paint & Play Like Monet

paint-like-Monet painting crafts

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Have your child pretend to be the famous French Impressionist painter Claude Monet in this “Celebrity for a Day” painting activity. Ham it up with fake mustaches and a faux-French accent while you read some kid-friendly books about Monet, go on a French picnic, recreate Monet’s famous paintings, and more. Get all the details (and some Monet trivia questions) in Paint & Play Like Monet.

Big Messy Art

big-messy-art painting craftsWe warned you that your kids might get messy during some of these painting activities. Well, this one all but GUARANTEES it! This action-packed outdoor art project has your kids literally “throwing themselves into” their work as they explore different painting techniques on a large canvas of easel paper. Your kids’ splatter, finger, and footprint paintings can even be saved and used for customized book covers for school. Get more tips on this exciting full-body painting project in Big Messy Art.

Nature Walk with Alphabet Rocks

nature-walk-with-alphabet-rocks painting crafts

Have your children paint the ABCs on rocks (if needed, they can trace a pencil line drawn first by you). Then go on a nature walk together (either in a yard, playground, or park or on a more official hiking trail), placing alphabet rocks next to corresponding items in nature you find along the way. Find a flower? Put your “F” Alphabet Rock next to it. Spot a stick? Put your “S” Alphabet Rock on top of it. See how many Alphabet Rocks your kids can lay down along your nature walk. Read more about teaching kids about how “NATURE ROCKS” in Nature Walk with Alphabet Rocks.

How to Make Watercolor Chinese Lanterns

watercolor-paper-lanterns painting crafts

Did you ever see one of those beautiful glowing paper lanterns launched over a lake and get to watch it float quietly away in the night sky? Well, your kids can create their own version of a paper lantern this summer, too. Just take away the dangerous flame, and add a battery-operated tea light under these kid-created Chinese lanterns that you can set on a patio table to light up your next backyard BBQ. Get all the instructions for making these lovely decorations in How to Make Watercolor Chinese Lanterns.

Watercolor-Resist Paintings

watercolor-resist-paintings painting crafts

It’s time to do some leaf rubbings! After collecting some interesting-looking  leaves, children put them under paper and rub crayons over the top. Then they paint away with watercolors and watch as the paint magically disappears off the waxy crayon, revealing their artfully colored leaf creations. Their watercolor-resist paintings can then be made into note cards, bookmarks, or other handmade gifts that you may need for upcoming holidays. Get the low-down on this painting technique in Watercolor-Resist Paintings.

Painting with Kids: Still Life, Landscapes, and Portraits

Carrie Anne Painting Art Appreciation painting crafts


Take painting crafts for kids to a more mature level, by encouraging children to paint what they can physically see around them. Engage them in painting still life subjects, landscape views and portraits of family and friends! This will help kids start to recognizing the uniqueness of people’s features, shapes of still objects and the “shape” of the “space” around them. Painting visible things will also challenge kids to experiment with color mixing, so they can match the colors and hues they see. What fun!

There you have it . . . 10+ Painting Crafts for Kids. Now it’s time to stop reading, grab your artist smocks, and get PAINTING!