Classic Toys & Simplistic Play

From our special guest blogger Marnie (Carrots are Orange):


“I have a challenge for you: Choose one of these classic items – activity conesblocksdrawing pad or pattern blocks. Leave it in a room where your child may discover the materials on his own. Remove any distraction (e.g. other toys, tv, books, etc) and simply observe. See what happens when your child is given a simple invitation to play, imagine, create and explore with Classic Toys.

When I feel overwhelmed, one of my coping mechanisms is to purge and to “de-clutter” our home. Part of this process is packing up many of my sons toys into storage containers and carrying them out to the garage or into a closet. This process always works for me and my family. For me, it is like taking ten deep breaths when your body feels like it can’t take much more. I come back. What is left for my children are the simple, every day materials that kids in every generation going back decades and decades enjoy and find joy in exploring.”

Click Here to learn how Marnie embraces classic toys and simplistic play with her kids.

Marnie - CarrotsAreOrange.comMarnie writes Carrots Are Orange, a blog focused on Montessori inspired activities and ideas, teaching kids about money and general musings on parenting. Check it out on Facebook, Twitter andPinterest.


  1. Great post! I think it’s easy to forget that too many toys and too many options can actually be stressful for kids. Decluttering, simplifying can be good for everyone. I knew I struggle with this. And it’s wonderful to watch kids play with simple toys and -surprise – have a good time with it too!